March Is Flying By

September view 2014

September view 2014

Hope you have been having a fun March! I know it has been very cold where many of us live. I dare not mention the word “snow” or do I? Oops, there it is, but I’m thankful it’s not snowing today. Hope you are also having a bright sunny day.

Isn’t a new calendar fun to have in front of you? Always ready for your year of planning events, appointments, birthdays, etc. Oh, you had to know that I would get around to BIRTHDAYS! Bob and I had a wonderful weekend visiting with our family and enjoying our grandson’s birthday a few weeks ago.


I’ve been remembering a lot about the past few months, when we were enjoying and happy to have our family living near us again! Also, it was a busy time with medical checkups, and several trips away. The photo above will give you a view of our gorgeous days, before the leaves left a mess everywhere.

Hope you have a great week!

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