A New Look For Spring


Hello! How are you this day before Spring begins? Hope you are as excited over springtime as most everyone else, who I’m heard voice their love for SPRING! Hooray for everything except wild storms many areas have. Let’s enjoy the thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing, and picnics in the park or our backyards!


No, there’s been no mention yet of cleaning up the mess our winter caused in our yards…we’ll think about that later on! Today just rejoice that winter is going away.


I have been shopping off and on over the past 3 or more months…dreaming of spring…think that has been mentioned a bit! It took several trips to make up my mind what would be in these two areas of our family room. You will see more in a few days. OK, shopping trips to Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Ross Dress For Less, and Old Time Pottery were fun and there was a new look showing this season.


You probably have noticed, that much of the mantle is like it was in February. Someone might be missing our Federal mirror in this house, that is. I’m the one holding on to the Parisian canvas from Hobby Lobby. Why? Knew you would ask! It reminds me of our trip to Paris decades ago and makes me happy to see it above the mantle. It probably will be moving around soon. The bright white chicken on the mantle was a great find at Ross Dress For Less! Also, from Ross Dress For Less are the Parisian style script on the pillows on the chairs in front of the fireplace. Those chairs will likely have lumbar pillows soon.


Almost forgot to share the items on the cedar chest in front of the sofa. The skinny red tray was found at Hobby Lobby and it’s moved around on the first floor a lot this year. The orbs and the galvanized oval tub were found at Kirkland’s along with the birdcage pillows on the sofa.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enjoy your next shopping day.
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A Package For Me

Recently, my longtime friend, Maria, sent me an email letting me know to be on the lookout for a package coming from her. Y’all know Maria well from her great blog, but many of you likely do not know that Maria and I met several years ago on the old Kirkland’s message board. In fact several of our K’s friends also now blog. Maria is multi-talented and never ceases to amaze us with her great ideas. Just look at the wreath she created for me..now I’m not that gifted to create; therefore, it would be difficult for me to make something as lovely as she does and pass it on.

In the next closeup photo, you will be able to see how well she connected the lovely flowers to the wreath form. And listen seriously, I’m needing to get a bow maker like Maria uses for her beautiful wreaths, pillows, gift packages…really if you need ideas for your packages or any of the items mentioned, Maria can likely help you with the name of stores to find just the right items. And I plan to go get that bow maker this week. Here’s the closeup photo of how the flowers stay in place.


Thanks, Maria, for being a super friend! You really do share lots of information with all who visit your blog. Our Home Away From Home is a real treat!

Time For Spring Planning

hwwksheadboardeYou possibly recall that recently I ran into some great items at Kirkland’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee! You know if you’ve been snowed in or even feeling awful under the weather then it’s time to go shopping. First of all today is the padded headboard that has the lovely studs outlining the unique lines. This is a look, that makes a classic room look even more lovely. Don’t you agree?

There are many here, who know my passion very well. Yes, I surely do love, love, love lamps. The 20% off sale make these lovely ones very inviting. Remember, I always say, “if you can count all your lamps on one hand, it’s time to go shopping for more lamps.” And you should consider having a variety of sizes. Nothing too overpowering and nothing to tiny!


Maybe I’ve been in a fog, as I don’t recall seeing rugs of this size in Kirkland’s. A few years back, I did find a “back door rug” to wipe our feet off when coming in from watering our deck plants, etc. You can imagine how thrilled I was to see the larger size rugs available for an area of your deck or back porch. And yes, I’m sure that you did notice the size of that rug and the $30 off sale price.


And I hope you don’t miss the back left corner where the green tag clearance items are. Oh, what a variety of goodies you’ll find.


If you are needing a large piece of framed art, check out this great Eiffel Tower print framed under glass and looking antique. It would forever remind me of the day our tour bus stopped at the tower just in time to view the hail storm. Yeah, we never got to go inside as the storm was dropping large pieces of hail.


And last, but not to be forgotten is this great clock. Please, view it carefully and the detailed hanging instructions for safety. It is more beautiful than you can imagine seeing this photo. And it really looks great even leaning on a display table. Bet you like the distressed and aged look. I’m loving the aged color…super special in my book.


Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enjoy your next shopping day.
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An Evening Of Shopping

Not long ago, I dashed into Kirkland’s in Chattanooga, to see what new merchandise was available. Seriously, I almost was speechless. The photo above shows just had beautifully displayed the K’s staff had arranged this store. They always do an exceptional job on their displays.


The birdcage pillows are “drop dead gorgeous”…don’t you agree?hwwk4shope

I really enjoyed my visit and am now enjoying my purchases. I’ll be back to show you what I bought and show the areas, that I chose to feature with the new beautiful items. If you haven’t been inside a Kirkland’s recently…well, it’s like a whole new store and I personally love the new items and the new display styles. It’s much easier to view the items you are interested in as the floor space is much better utilized. Yes, I’m loving the new look of Kirkland’s. Hope you go by for a visit and see what I saw.


Love the cafe print…don’t you? hwwkframecafee

Those who love the fleur de lis get ready. This is fabulous!


Recently, I’ve shared with you, that blue is returning as one of my most favorite colors. Are you enjoying it this season, too? Thank you very much for stopping by for a visit.

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