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Decorating Your Christmas Holiday Mantle

Oh me! What would I put on the mantle (mantel) to brighten it up for the weeks of events of the holidays. Many people start early with holiday mantle decorations and many are just barely finishing their decorations before the first gift is opened. I try to finish mine about mid-way. That allows more time […]

Selecting the Right Lamp Shades

rewired lamps

Years ago, as I mentioned on my last post on Rewiring a Lamp for the Holidays, I found 2 beautiful lamps in rather  ugly condition.  They had horrible looking gold foil shades from probably 40 years before.  The wiring was awful and also the sockets.  New harps were needed, too.  The good news is that […]

Rewiring a Lamp for the Holidays

The time is passing by quickly and soon you will be wishing you had finished all the little items on your list. One item, that might seem huge to you, is getting around to rewiring that old lamp. Actually, I was right there a few years ago. Wanting everything to be perfect and yet afraid […]