Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mantle And Brick Fireplace Makeover

ALL PHOTOS ARE CLICKABLE!  Please see other views of the mantle and fireplace on this blog. Several years ago, I teased about making over my ugly brick fireplace, that really was causing me grief!  Well, that and the ugly dark, dark paneling in our family room.  Anytime, it came up in discussions with my husband, […]

Inside The Garden Gate

  Welcome inside the gate!  Please don’t be surprised that there are no plants growing just yet.  You see, I’m not the usual gardener.  I’m a wannabe!  That means, that I love the plants, but not the usual work involved in keeping a real garden. Each year as soon as spring arrives…I am ready to […]

Beyond The Garden Gate Weigelas

Hello, I’m happy to have you visiting my garden area.  I am not much of a gardener, mainly due to allergies.  The best plants for me, are ones I can enjoy without getting very close.  Surely, anyone, who has ever lived in an area where Weigelas grow, would agree with how welcoming they are.  They […]

Decorating Your Garden Gate

A few years ago, I stopped in my tracks one day while reading Southern Living magazine.  They had a wonderful article on decorating your gate to greet your guests.  It was not just any outdoor decor, but was an old brass rectangular mailbox.  They attached it to the center of the gate and placed magnolia […]