Monthly Archives: February 2012

Gorgeous Two Way Fireplace And Mantel

Don’t you just love arriving at your hotel and entering a beautiful lobby? You know the kind I mean, one with a large welcome area and adorned with lovely furnishings! Especially great in the colder months to arrive to a warm fire I must tell y’all that three of our trips over the past 9 […]

Learning To Re-wire Old Lamps

Recently I was asked on another thread how to re-wire old lamps. This is something that I dearly love to do. It’s like making something old new again. Often it is not the least expensive way to go, but it can start out to be. LOL! Sometimes you might stumble onto a great old lamp […]

Walking Right On Into The Dining Room

Welcome to my formal dining room and living room. I’ve been trying to decide if I am going to attack these 2 rooms. Part of me wants to tear into it and the old comfort zone tells me to leave it alone. Wanna have a chuckle? I just lost the long post I had ready […]