Monthly Archives: May 2012

Shopping In Jacksonville’s Riverside 5 Points Antiques

Recently Bob and I spent a few days in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We really enjoyed the hospitality and friendliness of the residents and the pride everyone has in their lovely beach area. And then while at lunch, someone told us about the historic Riverside area located near the Cummer Museum. We arrived a bit […]

Presenting Beyond The Garden Gate Tea Room At Mountain Oaks

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the most grand tea room, that I’ve ever, ever, had the honor of visiting! And it’s everything that I say and more. This is the fairest tea room ever…seriously! OK, years ago, I only went to Jackie’s tea room (what some of us call it) with the ladies. And then […]

Getting Ready For Summer Fun With Plants And Decorations

What a week or so has been around here on the mountaintop! It seems like a long time and also a slow time. Each time, that I’ve thought Bob and I had planned enough for the summer plants….well one of us has changed the plan. That would be me…guilty of thinking one more plant. Please […]

Just A Second Look Before Finishing The Plants

Everyone, I must say that after Bob placed this beautiful geranium on that high hook, I was jumping for joy. Joy at the very beauty of that gorgeous plant. Most of the past few years, we have chosen a very deep purple Wave petunia and loved them. This year we were both blown away by […]

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