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Loving Fall Decorations For The Mantle

Surely you can relate to being stumped on what to decorate your mantle with for fall!  Please say, that I’m not the only one agonizing over what to add, keep, take away! DOUBLE CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE,PLEASE!  I do love a decorated mantle, but really struggle as I don’t consider myself an expert on this […]

NookColor Now With Decorating Magazines

I’ve recently been using the Nook Color eBook to look at decorating magazines.  Perhaps you are like I am about magazines….just cannot toss out beautiful ones and yet hate the clutter!  Think of this, I can keep my favorite magazines for many years without clutter and dust!  Ugh!  It’s great to know that they can […]

Miracle Grow Moisture Control Works Like A Charm

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to show you more of the successful growth this year with our many container plants and flowers! The photo above was shot peeking out at our container deck plants from our pool bath! They have really flourished more than ever since our return from Cozumel…when Bob gave them a dose […]

Fall Decor Shopping At Hobby Lobby

Tuesday!!! Can it really be Tuesday already? It seems like it should still be the weekend. My husband is possibly the most generous person around, whenever it comes to my wants and those of our son, his wife and children. Somehow we got off searching for a new TV for our gameroom, where we usually […]

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