Monthly Archives: October 2012

Home Goods Really Has Christmas Decor –Helen’s Decor

What a fun stop I had at Home Goods yesterday! Just hope the photos cause you to want to shop for the holidays even more than you already planned! There are many more, that might show up here later this week. Here’s your first look at a fraction of all that they have displayed. Lovely […]

Burlap Animals Found At Tuesday Morning–Helen’s Decor

Now just have you ever seen any cuter stuffed animals anywhere? And how about that printed burlap! I stumbled upon these cuties while on a recent trip and where else, but Tuesday Morning! You know, I really stood looking at these animals for at least 10 minutes. They were just so cute and so unexpected. […]

Time For A Fall Look On The Garden Gate

What a lovely day today in SE Tennessee! Oh, the beauty in these mountains we are seeing everywhere and especially on our heavily wooded acre. It’s reminding us of our first winter here and that 17 inches of snow. Yeah! A real shock for flatlanders from Houston, Texas! Check out this gate with no decoration […]

Shopping At Ross For The Christmas Season Decorations By Helen’s Decor

Just look what was awaiting all of us at Ross Dress For Less yesterday! Recently, beautiful pillows have seemed to sky rocket in price. Ohh! You’ve noticed that, too! More importantly, I’ve noticed that the ones many high end shops are selling for the celebrations beginning in October, are frankly just up too much. Well, […]

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