Monthly Archives: March 2013

Red-White-Blue Lumbar Pillows

Happy Easter to you…hope it’s a beautiful day where you are today! I have a confession to make…I’ve fallen in deep love with lumbar pillows. Have you fallen for them yet? I must say that it took me a while and now I’ve gone crazy over them. Maybe it’s because they seem to fit at […]

Difficult Place To Decorate

Maybe I just have cabin fever, but I’m just not sure what it is. I’ve struggled with this entertainment center for a long time. Each time, I try to improve what was done the last…well, there simply seemed no immediate answer. It sat looking mostly bare like this photo. Oh, I take that back about […]

Shall We Look For Blue In My Home

Hi there! First off, do you love blue? If so, do you love it unconditionally? Hmmm, you’re wondering what I had for dinner that caused me to ask that weird question about BLUE! Notice the blue pitchers on the mantle…how did that happen? That’s the once “ugliest fireplace ever”…really it was awful. The truth is […]

Decorating Our Upstairs Landing Off Bridge

Our family room has a bridge, also called “cat walk” over it. The stairway goes near the side of our house, where the bedrooms are located. Directly across from the top of the stairway is the landing, and it adds a nice touch compared to just having a bridge with no way to decorate it. […]

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