Monthly Archives: April 2013

TV Fan Or Not Of Downton Abbey’s Decor

Above Photo By Source Downton Abbey took this non-TV fan by surprise or was it a storm! Probably a bit of both. The production and all the beautiful settings caught me watching TV…something I rarely enjoy doing. And then the decor grabbed my full attention even before I had been able to remember the characters’ […]

Blue Friday Happy Friday

Happy Friday y’all! You know…I’m simply amazed how much blue is in my world…our world. Aren’t you really, too? Today, I’m sharing what I did yesterday afternoon for nearly 3 hours! Oh, so you think you know me that well…really? Well, you likely do…if you have been following my blog for a while, that is! […]

Shopping For A Vanity Tiered Basket

Hi everyone! I must ask this question: do you ever go shopping for something, but you really don’t know what that something is? Well, that recently happened to me..last Friday at Hobby Lobby. Those who know me well, also know that I love, love, love a 50% off sale. So, please, go ahead and jump […]

Our Ever Changing Gate

Hello and hope you are thinking really springtime now. I am just so overjoyed to have this past winter in…in the past! We had way too much snow and cold this year. Was March rough where you live? These photos will show you how everything died off except the faux topiaries! Ha! The Weigelas are […]