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A Bit Of Paradise…Porch, Deck, Pool, and Woods

<In August 2010, I participated in a Community Challenge by submitting photos of my outdoor areas on the Kirkland’s website, www.mykirklands.com. I never dreamed out of all the wonderful photos submitted by many talented members, that one of mine would be selected the winner. I had sent out a challenge to the members to have an “Outdoor Reveal” in June 2010, prior to the CC in August. Kim Neidel, one of the MyKirkland’s Designers, announced that I had won. I just could not believe it. I knew Bob and I loved our porch, that holds many memories of time with friends and family. I just never imagined, that anyone else would understand how special it really has been to us.

We loved our large porch as it allowed space for dining, playing a game, or just sitting and enjoying the whirl of the fan overhead. It’s a soothing place to relax with a glass of iced tea and hear the birds singing or hear the chimes of a nearby church through the woods. Yes, it is our little piece of “Paradise” as the sign above one of the screen doors says.

“The Lady” of our porch is the Ole Red Cabinet, that sits proudly on the porch holding many special gifts from our friends and family. “She” was an instant hit with the Kirkland’s group and they enjoyed hearing how old “she” is. We only learned that the cabinet had been built by Bob’s grandfather’s uncle a long time ago, when we were moving it to our mountain home in Tennessee. Doing the math, we think the cabinet is a true antique by being over 100 years old. This cabinet does not belong to just us….she belongs to our family and is only on loan to us. Our son will one day have the loan and share it with his family…on loan. We are proud of the heritage, but cannot forget, that it is to be shared.

Sitting on the left front side of the cabinet is a cherished gift, that our forever friend Sandra painted for us. I love the sentiment on the stepping stone. I wanted it to sit beside the cabinet with gifts from my other forever friends and family. (Please click to see the artwork.)

Hope you enjoy viewing them. All photos are clickable and you can click twice to see a larger view. Please, post any questions about items you would like info on finding.

Please join me in visiting this great blog for a blog party now! I think you will love what you find! Thanks!

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25 Responses to A Bit Of Paradise…Porch, Deck, Pool, and Woods

  1. Hi Helen. I love your porch! It looks so cozy and inviting! How wonderful that you won the Kirkland’s contest!!! Give me a shout when you come to NC sometime – maybe we could meet up. The town that I live it butts right up to High Point so I’m over there often. I can clue you in to some great places to score fabric, accessories and furniture. I’m your newest follower!

    • Suzy, thanks for the kind words. I love High Point and all that area. It’s been a while since I was there. I do enjoy shopping in the Carolinas. Thanks for following me, too.

  2. Hi Helen, your porch is so darling. I love that you are adding roosters to your decor too. They are fun.

    • Debbie, I accidently got involved in the roosters. Guilty by association with other rooster lovers. And now…it’s a new history! Thanks for visiting our porch. We do love that “Paradise” outback. Thanks for getting me into blogland via your Newbies Party.

  3. Helen,
    Thanks for visiting recently. Your porch looks so wonderful and relaxing. Love the antique cabinet especially and all your signs. How wonderful that you won a contest. Your porch is very deserving of winning as the porch is not only comfortable but is filled with personality and family history. http://southerncharmbyfarica.blogspot.com/2011/05/cupcake-cutie.html

    • Jane, thanks for stopping by and your kind words. The porch made more family history last week as we had a muffin party on it with our grandchildren. They loved the cupcake dishes like the ones Farica from the blog, Southern Charm by Farica, posted a few weeks ago. Check her blog to see what I mean!

  4. Hi Helen, Thanks for visiting Johnnie’s Junk and commenting. I love to meet new friends! Johnnie

  5. Congratulations! Your porch is just lovely, and absolutely deserving of the recognition. It looks so inviting, and the perfect place to sit for a summertime evening meal. Love that antique cabinet, and your use of color! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party, and would love for you to link up anything you made/did/bought Before Blogging. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the party.

    • Thanks so much for the lovely compliments on my porch post. We really enjoy it, too. I did join your party about an hour or so ago. I was glad to have ready an old project from before my blogging days began. Thanks, Helen

  6. A bit of everything wonderful Helen. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. What a great place to entertain too.

    • Debbie, I’m thinking you and I both love to be outside when the weather is decent! Not at 100 degrees on top of a mountain!! It has been a joy for entertaining and I know your new patio with the firepit will be wonderful for you and your family. Thanks, as always for having the Newbie Party for all of us, who are fairly new to blogging.

  7. Thanks for stopping my site! I love chickens and you have a great selection!! Love your site!

  8. I like the rooster deco, and home with either covered porch or patio like that. Thanks for following!

  9. Hi Helen, your French-inspired porch looks so inviting and cheerful with the hints of red and black…. The pretty pillows and signs add so much warmth and make the porch so cozy… Congratulations on winning the Kirkland contest! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment. Happily following you back~Poppy


    • Poppy, thanks for the lovely compliments! The porch is much more fun to enjoy with all the decorations, that used to be mainly seating. My vision was there all along…just had to get the time to put it together. Thanks again for your kindness in following my blog, too.

  10. I just can’t get enough of your little “paradise”. In case I didn’t say congrats on kirklands, I will say it now: CONGRATS!

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for the “Paradise” compliment. I just made the name connection for you, too. I’m thinking you weren’t there when last year’s contest took place. Glad to see you here, too.

      • Hey Helen :0) Your right I hadn’t joined the site yet. I would come to the site every now and then, read the discussions but didn’t become involved until recently.

        Have a great weekend.

  11. I can see why your porch was chosen – it has a really wonderful feel to it! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. :)

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog & popping some sweet comments in the comment box. I can see why your porch was chosen – it’s got a wonderful feel to it. Looks like a great place to entertain. :)

    • Doreen, you’re very welcome and thank you for the same . It thrills me to think that others can “feel” it through the photos. It is a great place to entertain, that’s filled with loads of wonderful memories.

  13. […] That stool/table sits right in front of the “Red Cabinet” and even acts as a support to keep the right door open during special times. Usually, with a plant on top. See this link: http://www.helensdecor.com/a-bit-of-paradise-porch-deck-pool-and-woods […]

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