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A New Look For Spring


Hello! How are you this day before Spring begins? Hope you are as excited over springtime as most everyone else, who I’m heard voice their love for SPRING! Hooray for everything except wild storms many areas have. Let’s enjoy the thoughts of flowers blooming, birds singing, and picnics in the park or our backyards!


No, there’s been no mention yet of cleaning up the mess our winter caused in our yards…we’ll think about that later on! Today just rejoice that winter is going away.


I have been shopping off and on over the past 3 or more months…dreaming of spring…think that has been mentioned a bit! It took several trips to make up my mind what would be in these two areas of our family room. You will see more in a few days. OK, shopping trips to Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Ross Dress For Less, and Old Time Pottery were fun and there was a new look showing this season.


You probably have noticed, that much of the mantle is like it was in February. Someone might be missing our Federal mirror in this house, that is. I’m the one holding on to the Parisian canvas from Hobby Lobby. Why? Knew you would ask! It reminds me of our trip to Paris decades ago and makes me happy to see it above the mantle. It probably will be moving around soon. The bright white chicken on the mantle was a great find at Ross Dress For Less! Also, from Ross Dress For Less are the Parisian style script on the pillows on the chairs in front of the fireplace. Those chairs will likely have lumbar pillows soon.


Almost forgot to share the items on the cedar chest in front of the sofa. The skinny red tray was found at Hobby Lobby and it’s moved around on the first floor a lot this year. The orbs and the galvanized oval tub were found at Kirkland’s along with the birdcage pillows on the sofa.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to enjoy your next shopping day.
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14 Responses to A New Look For Spring

  1. Helen, It’s great to see your new post. My how I have looked forward to it. I, too, am so glad that spring begins tomorrow. Yes, blooming flowers, singing birds, and picnics in a park or in a backyard would put a smile on anyone’s face. Well, as usual, I love all of the changes and new items that you’ve featured. I think my favorite addition is the pillows. The bird/cage just seems perfect for this time of year. Your mantle seems lighter in color, and everything is just so welcoming. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Deborah! Glad to read that you enjoyed reading about how much I’m looking forward to SPRING!!! If the rain goes away, we might be able to get all those pots and deck boxes planted soon. I agree with you on the birdcage pillows, too! Thanks for taking the time to leave a note…I really appreciate the notes. You’re welcome to check out this blog anytime. Oh, and of course my fellow bloggers, who are great inspiration for me.

  2. Helen, you are so ready for Spring! Your touches are lovely! I’m starting to get my things out and make some small changes. I just really want to get outside and refresh the flower beds and pots! Happy Spring!

    • Shenita, I truly do enjoy Spring and Summer the most! Hope you share your winery trip with us. The lavender fields are gorgeous…thanks for sharing the beautiful lavender. Very glad you dropped by and left a lovely note.

  3. Your mantle looks wonderful. It’s all ready for Spring and I love your print! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday…

  4. It all looks so refreshed! That is what Spring is……a time to refresh from the dreary winter months. Love what you have done…..wish I could have gone shopping with you.

    • Glenda, you are exactly right about Spring…I can hardly wait for pretty plants and flowers in our deck boxes. We do need a shopping day soon!

  5. A beautiful way to welcome spring. Thank you for sharing at the hop I look forward to seeing what you share this week ?

  6. Love the spring transformation – you did find some lovely items! Beautifully done!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. Helen ~!! oh my gosh, I found you.. wooooohooooo

    I love your spring decor. Looked at past posts here and saw those amazingly beautiful birdcage pillows. swoonnnnnnnnnnn

    Your home looks sooooooooooooo pretty..

    grrrr- still cant find a way to follow you , so I bookmarked your blog so I can open that folder every few days and see if you’ve posted.

    big huge hugs.. I am so glad to see you.

    • Hi Sonny, please look on my sidebar for my blog button and please copy it. Glad you like the birdcage pillows,too. Thanks for the lovely compliments and for taking the time to visit. Happy Spring in your new home!

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