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A Touch of Germany Tablescape by Helen

Last fall, Bob and I had just returned from our “Dream Trip” to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and The Prague.  Yes, three wonderful weeks with our longtime friends, Betty and Jim.  They have traveled in Europe more times than we have.  Jim planned a terrific itenerary for us.  We flew from Houston, Texas, to Newark, NJ, and then onto


Munich, Germany.  When we landed we found our rental car and piled in the Skoda station wagon for our big adventure.  And what an adventure we had in our 1500 mile round trip back to Munich.



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Off we went to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which is amazingly beautiful.  Such an ancient little town.  Cobblestone streets and storybook looking buildings!  We had a great time checking out the town and seeing the sites.  One day, we happened upon a guy playing a flute near a wonderful scenic view.  The gardens in the town were lovely.  Many shops featured prints of their town.  The doors to the buildings were a fascination to me.  Some doors were not tall enough for Bob to enter without ducking!  One area had many colorful buildings in a row….I loved that!

Betty and I have traveled together over the years, but the “Dream Trip” was our first time to include the men.  So, it’s not a surprise, that she and I looked for deals on whatever we wanted to buy.  We looked in toy shops…like the good grandmothers we are.  We kept moving along, and one night we happened upon a fun and funny guy, who helped us locate the style of miniature houses, that were sold in their village.  That was great, we both selected the one we wanted and were on our way.  

The next day, we four window shopped a good bit.  It was wonderful to check out the shops with prints and suddenly there it was….a fabric store!   OK, many of you know that I do not sew.  I could if I wanted to and did years ago.  Imagine, if you will, my delight at seeing gorgeous fabric.  Suddenly, there was the fabric, that I had to have!  So totally out of character for me to choose this yellow fabric with some fall orange in it and would you believe black olives?  Well, they look like black olives.  Maybe someone else, who has lived in that area, might tell me they are not really olives.  Right away, I was visualizing our breakfast room table back home in Tennessee!!!!  I was so seeing that fabric made into a table runner for my off white farm style table.  About the time, I was ready to leave without the fabric, I saw something I had not noticed in all that time.  The two ladies, who I had asked about the fabric were sitting there sewing!  Yes, there they were sewing!!!!  I shyly asked if they did custom work.  Not only did they do it, but I wanted to know if they would ship to me in the USA.  These ladies asked what I was wanting to have made.  OK, I did the math and decided the table runner needed to be able to fit both the breakfast room table and also our formal dining room table.  And I did want it to be long enough to hang off the ends of both.   And also, it had to be wide enough to not be lost on the dining room table.  (Bugs me if a table has a narrow runner if the table is very wide.)  The nice ladies gave me a price, that I could not believe was so reasonable for custom work.  Back to shipping…they wanted to know if I would be able to come back in 30 minutes to pick it up.  YESSSS!  I could absolutely not believe they would be finished with it in that short amount of time.  Believe it!  It turned out lovely and easily rested safely in our luggage the rest of the trip.  Today, I was decorating the breakfast table with a new centerpiece that I found at Sam’s Club.  I do think it goes perfectly with the German made table runner.  How do y’all like it?  


Included in the tablescape are Fostoria Jamestown (Amber) Iced Tea Goblets, French Quarter dinner plates by  Pfaltzgraff.










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29 Responses to A Touch of Germany Tablescape by Helen

  1. Wow, beautiful! And, that sounds like my kind of travel souvenir! My hubby and I (well, more I, if I’m honest!!) always try to bring back one piece of art of decor from our travels…this would fit the bill!

    • Emily, I only brought back one thing that could have been broken and it was one of the little houses from that area. It survived! Yea! Prints w/o frames are another thing I try to find, too. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. Oh, Helen, it is sooo beautiful! I do believe they had it finished in 30 minutes.
    When we lived in Germany, we visited a crystal factory and came across this beautiful punch bowl set with eight cups and what I found so original was that even the ladle was made out of crystal, but as luck goes, it had been sold.
    My husband asked if they had another set and they said no, but that if we could come back in an hour, they would have one custom made just for us. We were socked!!! LOL
    Come to find out, they had their own work shop in the back and, of course, an hour later, we were on our way home with our punch bowl safely in the back seat, LOL
    Every time the military moved us, I gave the movers all kind of instructions on how to package my crystal punch bowl. LOL I still have it today. I think you just gave me an idea about a new blog post! I will share with you this treasure soon. Thank you for sharing your beautiful runner!!! I am actually looking for one myself right now for the hall cabinet that my husband is almost finished building, but can’t find one long enough. I wish I could make my own!

    • Maria, I was amazed. I actually waited a bit longer than the 30 minutes as I was afraid they could not get it done. I guess a pro, who sews can do a lot more in that amount of time. It was ready and waiting in the bag, when I arrived. Fabulous!!! You’re welcome…I’m thrilled you enjoyed seeing it.

  3. Hi Helen,

    You really did take the dream trip of a lifetime — those must be marvelous places to visit. I’ve wanted to go to Austria for quite a while now, particularly Saltzberg. My in-laws have been there and Germany, and my MIL brought us the most wonderful German Christmas smoker and ornaments. Another year she brought us a beautiful Delft and pewter beer stein. I love it!!

    Your table looks charming, and what a great deal you got with this table runner. I love it and your dishes. Thanks so much for signing on to follow my blog; I’m signing on to follow yours as well. Have a great weekend!

    Denise at Forest Manor

    • You’re very welcome…I enjoyed visiting your blog and following it. Thanks for following mine. I’ll be talking more about the other stops along our 1,500 mile car trip as I mentioned in the post. I didn’t buy the usual things…more easy to take home items with the exception of the one house, that I mentioned. Thanks again.

  4. Helen, I enjoyed reading about your trip and about how the special fabric you found ended up as a lovely table runner. I was admiring your centerpiece (so pretty), and then I noticed the background picture of the couple dancing in the rain. My daughter has this picture in her dining room, too! It’s a picture that makes me smile, so thanks for sharing your tablescape, and for giving me an extra smile today!

    • Hi Sheryl, I’m thrilled that your visit gave you a smile. Hope your daughter enjoys her picture as much as you and I do! Ha! I must say that I have found great value at Sam’s Club on their floral arrangements and terrific prices on each one. I think it goes well with that picture, too. I knew when I saw it that I really needed it. KWIM? Thanks for stopping by.

  5. hi helen! reading your post reminds me of the time i spent in and around Prague. i bought some beautiful crystal and also lace tablecloths near Prague and ate some yummy food Austria!
    thanks for the memories.

    • Hi Pam, I’m glad it reminded you of Prague! What a lovely city it is. We loved the dinner cruise on the Charles River. It is a lovely city for sure. You’re very welcome and thank you, too.

  6. Beautiful! Joann

  7. Helen: I truly love the beautiful table runner. I spent 3 weeks in Germany and loved every moment. I basically bought crystal, hummels, clocks. I love all my memories and treasures from Europe.

    • Oh Tina, that sounds wonderful Have you considered doing a blog post about those items? I know that I would love to see all of it Glad you love the table runner..you know I really do. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Isn’t Prague lovely? My husband and I went when we were first married. The cobblestone roads were so romantic. We bought a bottle of booze from a street peddlar fro $10 and it was straight turpentine, I swear. Whenever there’s a call for a shot, we break out the last of our Besharovka! andrea@townandprairie

  9. Thanks so much for coming over and following…I am following you right back…maybe I can follow you all the way to Germany sometime !!! ??? !!!
    xoxo bj

  10. Hi Helen; what a great trip you had and you brought back such nice items. Thanks for following, I am following you too.
    – Joy

    • Joy, thank you. It was fantastic, We, also, had a great trip to BC a couple of years ago. Beautiful area and great people there, too. Thanks for following me, too.

  11. Hi Helen,
    I enjoyed reading about your marvelous trip and how you obtained your gorgeous table runner! How fortunate that the ladies were there to sew it up for you! Amazing!

    • Hi Jane, thanks so much for the compliments on the table runner. I know to all, who would be able to sew this runner, it must seem crazy that I am not able to cut a straight line. I’d have to draw it off with tracing paper like I did the patterns, when I did sew eons ago. I looked it over closer and it is well done, all by machine and neatly at that. I know it was a deal compared to buying the narrow ones and much shorter ones. I agree it was amazing to wait such a short time!

  12. Such wonderful memories and a beautiful table too! Hope to see you again at Seasonal Sundays.

    – The Tablescaper

  13. What a lovely runner. I think that’s the safest thing to bring back. Great tablescape. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

    • Thanks, Marty. You’re right, it was safer than trying to bring art prints back. I used to buy those, but not today with the way luggage gets opened or crushed. I just emailed you a few minutes ago. Thanks again, I had a great time. Helen

  14. What a lovely story. How wonderful they could make it for you on the spot. xo marlis

  15. […] Many of you will recall seeing Betty and Jim’s family room featured here a few months ago. Also, you might recall that I was very lucky to find a fabric store that would custom make an extra large table runner in a mere 30 minutes. […]

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