Hello!  Thanks for stopping by my Helen’s Decor.   You will find that I am a very traditional decorator.  My family has moved many times over the years.  I have been able to find the items, that thrill me by searching antique shops, discount stores, yard sales and traveling to the NC markets.  I grew up in a home with many lovely antiques and it took years for me to think about antiques for my own home.  Now, I enjoy some antiques mixed in with my dark wood traditional furniture.  My appreciation of a well decorated home grew while selling real estate in the Houston, Texas area. Currently, I’m living in the mountains of Tennessee and enjoying time to travel with my husband.

My tips for settling into your new home.  These two have worked well for me over many transfers.

1. Lighting is the number one item after the furniture is in.  I love lamps and have said for years, “if you can count all your lamps on one hand, it’s time to go shopping.”

2. Usually a move means unpacking and more unpacking.  I have found, that I simply cannot unpack until my artwork is on the walls.  Yeah, we each have our ideas of creating our own home.  Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Happy New Year ! I love your website thanks for sharing your photos and your view on decorating ideas. Your tips were right on the nose. We all have something in common our passion for decorating. I have started too, in my home. I have two crystal lamps in my livingroom and the shades did change the appearance i was looking for.

  2. Hi Helen! Congrats on starting your own blog – you have a wealth of information to share, it’s about time you carved out your own little spot in cyberspace : )
    Thanks for letting me in on it!!

  3. Helen, I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing wonderful tidbids of information. I so enjoy reading about different ideas to make our home comfortable and welcoming for family and friends.

    • Lisa, thanks for your lovely remarks. And you’re very welcome to collect any tidbits that I post. I’ll be showing more mantle decor within the next few days! I do love mantles that are decorated!

  4. You have a lovely blog here! Thank you for stopping by my3littlebirds : )

  5. Hi Helen,
    LOVE that you have to put wall art on the walls first! It is always the last to go up in my houses!!!! Maybe I will try that if there is ever a next move! Enjoy Tennessee, I am from Georgia and there is nothing better than the SOUTH!

    • Hi Wanda, I’m so happy that Maria introduced you to all of us. Let me clarify one thing about the wall art going up before I unpack. Actually, the furniture has to be in place for me to know what art goes where. Sometimes, that has already been done in my head before moving day. My husband thought it was crazy, but it really does work well for us after so many moves. Yeah, it took several long distance moves for me to figure that out. Thanks for visiting and following me on Linky. Helen

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