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Before And After Views Looking Out The Windows

Hope this post will assist many of you in planning what to do to screen out a view, that you’d just rather not see each time you look outside. You know like most large cities, the home builders have quite narrow lots to build on. That means in many areas of our country, some quite large homes have narrow side yards. Yes, I’ve had 2 houses in the Houston, Texas area that were like this one my friends, Betty and Jim own in the gorgeous master-planned community of Kingwood.


Kingwood is quite unique in that it was one of the first well known master-planned communities and perhaps was one of a few that was actually planned on paper for 10 years, before the first tree was cut. Did I mention that it was heavily wooded? The first time my family drove into it, we knew that would be our second Houston area home and it was.


Are you amazed to see the new look popping before your eyes? I certainly was!

Notice with each additional part of the plants, it shows the best look ever out their breakfast room windows.

Isn’t it the answer for improving the view? Actually, their view is looking wonderful already. Take a look at the new flower bed beside their fence. It’s all come together beautifully. And look how their view changed even more by the addition of a flower bed beside the fence near their detached garage.


If you have friends with a similar situation, please share this terrific idea that Betty and Jim have gladly shared with me. Thanks for viewing and a special thanks to Betty and Jim. Click here to see their family room, that everyone loved.

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12 Responses to Before And After Views Looking Out The Windows

  1. Hi Helen! Oh, this is a beautiful solution to cover up those old ugly air conditioners! :) The plants look nice and in time will cover the trellis. Do you live in Kingwood now? You know I’m in Galveston! I don’t know why I didn’t realize that. If you are ever coming to Galveston – let me know!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Shelia, that is quite true. Our home in Kingwood, had a breakfast room facing the neighbor’s air conditioner, too. I wonder if anyone back then ever came up with this idea. No, I live in Tennessee now. Thanks for visiting and leaving me a note.


  2. What a terrific solution! Thanks for sharing this great idea.

    • Hi Sarah, I’m very happy, that you like Betty and Jim’s solution. You’re welcome. Please let us know if you have a place like this. We had a home with the narrow lot for 12 years and never did we think of this. I love it!

      Thanks for visiting,

  3. GREAT idea! It looks great now but will be even prettier once their plants take off…really looks nice!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday!

    • Cindy, you’re thinking like I did when I first saw their photos. It will be great as the flowers will love the Houston summer! Fortunately, the neighbors’ home has no windows on that side. You’re welcome and you know I love A.M.M., too!


  4. Beautiful solution….loved that you used both hardscape and beautiful flowers!..You did a terrific job!!

    • Shirley, it is a lovely solution, but it’s at my friends’ home in Texas. Betty came up with the idea and her husband helped make it happen. I can’t wait to see it in full bloom, when I visit them. Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Helen, this is the best idea ever! What a great way of hiding the units. It looks so natural. It is going to look amazing when the plats grow. Great inspiration!

    • Maria, I totally agree with you. I had that same problem in 2 homes in the Houston area. I’m sure other large cities have the same narrow lots, too. Yes, it will fill out and I’ll be sure to save the photos and show y’all as soon as the photos arrive. Thanks!

  6. Great solution for covering up ugly AC units. The flowers planted are lovely and the wooden wall is pleasing to look at.

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