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Beyond The Garden Gate Weigelas

Hello, I’m happy to have you visiting my garden area.  I am not much of a gardener, mainly due to allergies.  The best plants for me, are ones I can enjoy without getting very close.  Surely, anyone, who has ever lived in an area where Weigelas grow, would agree with how welcoming they are.  They make me feel glad that they are in my garden.

The Weigelas in the photos are one of the first things guests see when they arrive in our driveway.  Yeah–right behind the garden gate, that I recently told how I had to found that gate.  Also, I mentioned finding the container idea in Southern Living magazine a few years ago.  This time of year, not only do our guests first see the gate–they see these huge bushes of Weigelas rising above our four foot tall fence.  The height of these shrubs showcases the beautiful trumpet shaped bloom.  So help me!  This year the blooms look lavender and then another glance and some blooms appear a wee bit more like violet.  I just love them and am glad they bloomed later this year, than ever.

One year they were loaded with blooms!  I mean they were showing off what they were all about.  A friend was having a birthday luncheon for her father, and needed flowers for the tables.  All I had blooming, at that time, were the Weigelas and she was welcome to as many as she wanted.  Imagine my surprise, when I arrived for the luncheon and saw the blooms in clear, shallow dishes.  They were lovely and the truth is they provided more beauty than a larger arrangement would have.  Best of all, we could see each other as these low arrangements did not obstruct our view.

Frankly, I had not heard of any other colors of Weigelas until I read about them online in more detail.  You might be interested in googling to see what colors might work well for you and your garden.  Hope you enjoy the photos…it was a rainy day!

I’m glad to be joining Debbie’s Newbie Party.  Please visit her great blog:


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  1. Hi, Helen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! I like your blog, too! I’m your newest follower!

    Have a great day!

    Hugs ~~ Suz


  2. I am not too much into gardening..I love the way flowers look, I just have no luck with them at all. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  3. Thank you for being a new follower at deb9creations! Love all your flowers, I really need to get out and plant some things in my containers but something is stirring up my allergies at the moment here in Louisiana! Have a wonderful day.

    • You’re welcome, Deb! I’m trying to get outside to plant deck boxes. I love container plants, too.
      Thanks for stopping by. Helen of Helen’s Decor

  4. Hi Helen,
    I am not familiar with this plant but it does interest me. Yours looks so beautiful. Your blog has a new look!

    • Hi Jane! They are pretty and I’m quite sure that they grow in your area. Yeah, I got a Mothers Day surprise. Totally unexpected! We had not talked about changing the colors. I love it and that it was a surprise!

  5. Gorgeous, Helen! Love your flowers. You are so creative, and you have always had a green thumb. You truly have a gift with outdoor spaces. You need to put your red cabinet and back porch on here along with your story!!

    • Farica, thanks for the compliments. I do love outdoor areas for sure, but no green thumb. Just lucky someone else planted these and they don’t need much attention. I forgot to say that the photos are clickable and by clicking twice the trumpet shape is more obvious. Thanks again, Helen

  6. I love flowering shrubs… the real work horse in any garden!! :-)

    • GardenOfDaisies, I totally agree with you. I also inherited Bridal Wreath and Rhododendron from the previous owners. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Helen, Thanks so much for stopping by and following me. I’m following you now. I just love all of your flowers and I also love gardening. I’m just hoping that the deer will find a new home so they won’t eat mine anymore, ha, ha!
    Marianne :)

  8. I had trouble finding your blog,, but google you and here you are!I’m your newest follower,, and so glad I did!Thank you for visiting,,

    • Hi Laurie, I’m not understanding how the link is not working for you. It should have opened on today’s post about the Fireplace Makeover. Hope you found it. Thanks for visiting me, too.

  9. Helen, nice to meet you, thank you for stopping by, I had to google you as there was no way to respond to you through your profile. I’m following you back


    • Hi Carol, thanks for finding a way. There should have been a comment section visable at the bottom or top of the post. I’ll check on that. Thanks for mentioning it. Glad to have you as a follower, too. 😉

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