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Blue Friday Happy Friday

km1Happy Friday y’all! You know…I’m simply amazed how much blue is in my world…our world. Aren’t you really, too? Today, I’m sharing what I did yesterday afternoon for nearly 3 hours! Oh, so you think you know me that well…really? Well, you likely do…if you have been following my blog for a while, that is! Yes, I do love to shop and yesterday, I was in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and suddenly thought to myself why not go to the “Knitting Mill Antiques”? There was no reason not to and I really was eager to see what they had.

The truth is a lot of it I might have wanted if only those same items were not still in my home. And blue has been on my mind and guess what blue was everywhere I looked and so I thought snap that blue with that Droid.
Have you noticed that owls are back in? If you haven’t consider yourself warned. Some of the ones really remind me of the owls of the 70’s, sort of cartoon looking and wild colors.
Notice the many shades of blue! Not blue, but what about this iron cornstick pan? The price on it is $75. Notice that the sticks all are turned opposite ends on every other one. See? I’ve noticed new ones at the cast iron shop that all go the same direction, rather than rotate like this photo….and like mine. Not quite an antique piece, but collectible maybe.
This sweet small table sort of pulled at my heart a bit. I think I have a thing for small tables…like I have a difficult time leaving them where I found them.
Notice there are many pillows near the white tables, too. New pillows with French writing, etc.
Walking through one booth after another, you begin to see things your grandparents, parents or you have had over the years. And I do have this heart shaped cupcake pan in blue and white!

And last, but not least is this neat lamp, that appears to really be made of books. You have to admit that it is unique and isn’t that teal blue? Love that teal always!
If you visit The Knitting Mill Antiques, please tell them that I recommended them. They are very helpful and there’s a lot of Fostoria-Jamestown pattern in amber stemware, pottery, fine china in brands you will recognize, too. Visit them on the web at:


12 Responses to Blue Friday Happy Friday

  1. Love all the gorgeous blues that you found! I get a tingle when I run across something that triggers a memory from the past. Those are the things that are hard to let go. Would have loved to be there with you.

    • Hi Patti, Can’t you just see and hear us giggling about the old, old stuff? It would be loads of fun. I think a few bloggers went shopping together in North Carolina a few months ago. I was green then…sounded great. I’m going to remember to add a link to the Knitting Mill Antiques in just a few minute, so you might have fun checking that out, too. Thanks, Helen

  2. I’m sooo glad there is a lot of blue…it is so pretty! Wow, lots of treasures at this shop, I see quite a few things I’d love to have, especially the blue & white Flour jar…pretty! Thanks for sharing…

    • Hi Cindy, So glad you also enjoyed the sights of the Knitting Mill Antiques. So many things that I once had were there. Maybe I need to see if that cornbread stick pan is really in this house. I almost fell out when I saw that $75 tab on that one. And all that Amber colored Fostoria Jamestown could have come from my home, too. LOL, I’m feeling more antique thinking about those. Thanks for visiting, Helen

  3. I am right with you, I love blues and adore seeing what other are doing with blues. Wish I would have been there with you.

    • Hi Judy, I’m realizing that I might need more blue than what I’ve found in my home recently. Oh, that would be such fun to have you shop with me. Thanks for visiting, Helen

  4. So many wonderful treasures and the blue is so pretty.
    Looks like a nice outing with so many tempting goodies.

    • Hi Linda, I’m laughing remembering your post about the birthday celebration and the limo. Can’t you see us tossing treasures in that limo after being so tempted we had to buy many of them? I’m confessing that the blue owl vase isn’t really my style; however, I can’t stop thinking about it! Thanks for visiting, Helen

  5. Hi Helen,

    I love checking out antique shops. Wonderful blue items. I especially like that plate on the left in the first photo. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Transformed Tuesday.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Hi Peggy, You’ve met your match! I love plates, too! BTW, which plate did you mean? The first photo has the blue and white rooster platter with handles, but I’m wondering if you were thinking of the floral blue one in the second photo on its left.

  6. Beautiful blues, Helen!…Christine

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much for taking the time to drop by and for the lovely compliment. I look forward to knowing you better. Thanks again, Helen

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