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Breakfast In Fussen, Germany

Good Morning! Today we’re having breakfast at the Hotel Christine in Fussen, Germany! It’s a lovely, small hotel and owned by a wonderful couple. They take a lot of pride in their tablescapes each day. The flowers were always there and fresh! Simply beautiful.

The reason, we four, Betty, Jim, Bob and I, made our way to this part of Germany, was to see the “Passion Play” in Oberammergau a few miles away. While in this area, we toured many castles and churches. The churches and castles were very elegant…another time I’ll show you those great photos, too. Betty and Jim have traveled often to that area of the world. Jim is terrific at planning ahead for the whole three weeks we were there. Outstanding just doesn’t say enough about that “Dream Trip.”

As soon as Bob announced that he was retiring early, we knew we wanted to take advantage of our time and see the places we had never been…just dreamed of going one day. We knew that 2010 was the year that the historic “Passion Play” is open in Oberammergau. It’s only open every 10 years for a few months. So, Oberammergau was on our “Bucket List” and that’s how the “Dream Trip” started out to be. At first we were going for 2 weeks and then we extended to 3 weeks. I mean it’s a long way to go without seeing a lot of the places we had only dreamed of seeing and to be there with great friends was an added bonus.

When Bob retired, we could not wait to go see that part of the world, where both our families came from to the United States. We had always known that Bob’s family had come from Germany, but had recently been told that my father’s family also came from that beautiful area of the world. The play was reason enough to go and definitely well worth the time as we had never seen a live play with 2,500 actors and actresses on stage at one time. Outstanding…just doesn’t tell how great it really was. If you are interested start thinking of 2020 as the year you want to be there. It was amazing to look at the Alps out our windows…think of it!

Many of you will recall seeing Betty and Jim’s family room featured here a few months ago. Also, you might recall that I was very lucky to find a fabric store that would custom make an extra large table runner in a mere 30 minutes.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog…Helen

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20 Responses to Breakfast In Fussen, Germany

  1. Helen, that is a beautiful tablescape. I can imagine how much fun it was to get up to that every morning. It sure sounds like a “dream trip”. Hope you are having a great weekend! We are in the middle of a project and up to our necks in tile and glue! Talk to you soon!

    • Maria, the colors were mostly the same, but they were arranged differently. Yes, it made our stage more special to wonder what the tablescape would be when we got downstairs to breakfast. Can hardly wait to see just what that tile and glue is going to be or where it will be. Good luck! Can hardly wait to see it! And I’m sure many others feel the same way I do! :)

  2. what a lovely way to start the day! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo

  3. How wonderful! Enjoy. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  4. What a beautiful table!! I enjoy your posts so much! Thanks for sharing with us at A Bouquet of Talent!


    • Kathy, each day the tables in the hotel dining room was decorated and so special. It was fun to stay in such a small hotel and to have the owners living there and operating it themselves. No chain…very unique! Love your parties, thank you for hosting!

  5. Beautiful tablescape! What a nice way to have breakfast…without having to set it yourself! It sounds as though you are having a good time! Be safe and enjoy! Blessings, Tammy

  6. Such a lovely setting and view! It is wonderful that you have been able to “live the dream”, since your husband retired. My husband and I have planned two trips to Germany, but had to cancel both at the last minute – make us nervous about planning another – lol!

    • Hi Diane, The table was set up before we came downstairs. The food was great and the service was excellent. Retirement life makes it much easier to plan for sure. BTW, we bought our tickets to the Passion Play many months before our trip and that also included a hotel that is in Oberammergau. We did purchase trip insurance just in case…hope you had that insurance on the ones you cancelled. Thanks, Helen

  7. Breakfast in Germany sounds fabulous to me right now!! Table looks divine.

    • Hi pandora’s box, Wish I had you first name to address you by! :) It was wonderful down to details of the settings to include what looked like cloth napkins, but were not. The owners took great pride in how their breakfast was served. Thanks, Helen

  8. How wonderful that you could make this dream come true and see visit Germany. That is my kind of breakfast! Love the special touches on that table. Thanks for sharing about your time here…

    • Hi Ellen, Thanks, it was a great trip with our long time friends. The owners of the hotel lived in it and made breakfast seem like their home. Lots of extra touches on breakfast. I’m glad to share the info and the dream. Thanks for your kindness, Helen

  9. Ahhh, Germany… One of my very favorite places in the world. My mom is from there, so we traveled to Germany a few times while I was a kid. After college, I spent 3 months there in the Northern part of the country getting to know my German family better and taking in the sites. I will say this…the Germans really know how to set a beautiful table. My aunt and uncle would set a gorgeous table every morning for breakfast. I’m pretty sure they would be appalled at the way my kids eat their breakfast 😉 Anyway, thanks for sharing this post on the Tablescaper’s Places party. It was a beautiful reminder of a special time in my life.

    • Hi Nici, thanks for your kindness in sharing that my post reminded you of your months in Germany. That made me more glad than ever, that I shared this tablescape from the Hotel Christine of Fussen, Germany. We had a gorgeous view of the Alps outside our windows. I hope you get a return trip soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, too. Helen

  10. Helen:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous trip. I have often heard of Oberammergau but didn’t realize it was only every ten years. Yes, that is something to put on the bucket list. What a blessing to be greeted with such a beautiful table.

    I’m so pleased that you joined “Oh, the PLACES you’ve been!” and I do hope you’ll join us next week as well. I would appreciate it if you would edit your post so that it provides a link back to The Tablescaper.Thanks.

    – The Tablescaper

    • Hi The Tablescaper, Thanks for hosting a great party with a fun topic. If you google “The Passion Play+Oberammergau” the history of how long ago the play started and why will be most interesting to read.

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