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Bunco And Fall Go Together Well

hwbunco1doorway Welcome back to another evening of Bunco at my friend Glenda’s lovely Texas home. I can personally tell you that going to Glenda’s home is a real treat, whether you are there for a fun evening or if you are a new or longtime friend. Glenda and I have been friends for ages! She is a great hostess and always has great treats for her guests. She is the one, who always has a new treat for her guests to try. Always yummy and of course no calories! Well, we can pretend that one is true! You are always welcomed with her floral arrangement on her front door or a wreath!

One thing is certain…you won’t leave leave hungry. I always love seeing how she arranges her serving areas. Also, her serving pieces are unique. Unique and fresh ideas are in her arrangements. Things like toy wheelbarrels, baskets, colorful beverages, candy, salsa, and the list goes on and on. hwbunco3fooda Take a good look at this view with the tractor, which I believe is new this season. You just never know what you’ll see. It’s for sure her guests won’t leave hungry. hwbunco5basket
Oh! Are you wondering if I prepare as well as Glenda, when it’s my turn to entertain a group. The answer is simply not usually. I’m sort of a tried and true hostess. Do you have your favorites that must be served and maybe a few more? And then there was that day, that I served baked canned peach halves with chutney and butter…yummy to my circle meeting for Christmas luncheon. (You don’t want to know….OK, somehow the butter leaked on the floor. Yes, I was terrified that someone would fall. Proves easy can be tasty and messy.) Thankfully, the other Christmas foods had no problems.
Hope you have found a few new ideas for hosting your group. And the last photo is my favorite, so don’t miss this one.
hwbunco7beverage2 Thanks for visiting and I’d love for you to leave a comment.

Hope you have a great week!


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