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Changing Fall Decorations In Our Homes

Fall is such an enjoyable time before Thanksgiving and then the Christmas rush arrives! I always love the seasons until it turns bitter cold. And then I long for springtime! Those of you, who read my blog regularly, know that Glenda and I have been friends for decades. Actually, we were neighbors drawn together when we met in our sons’ kindergarten classroom. You know the list we were there for…I know you do. And then we were both new in town….a suburb of Houston, Texas. And then it got better, we must have signed a list and realized by passing it on, that we were neighbors on the same street. And from then on, it’s great history and we continue having fun even though we are about 800 miles apart.

OK, now that y’all know we have shared a lot over the years, you need to realize, that I recall that she told me about these frames. Not just any frames….”vintage frames” a friend gave her from an old home in Waco, Texas. Well, let’s just say she’s had them lots of years and they were still framed with photos of people she had never met. Always thinking of doing something with them…just never had jumped in and found the right time or the right spot to locate them until a short time ago.

Here’s the look of her beautiful mantle last November. We will call it the “before mantle” with the beautiful woodwork and lots of orange.


So, the other day, we were talking on the phone and Glenda asked what I thought of this photo she sent in a text. Well, it was so different from anything either of us have done and we chatted about that. That being the “vintage frames” from those long ago times…and I suggested that I was willing to ask online what you think about the frames now painted black and without the old photos. We both know there will be those who say nothing and those who will tell us exactly how you feel about the new look getting popular today. Neither of us will be offended by your comment on the frames…we agreed to that. So here it is, please leave a sincere comment either like the black frames or would not want to have them on your mantle/mantel.


Thanks to all who respond with kindness! Glenda and I know it is usual that many have strong opinions on both.

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