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Changing The Gate Decoration For Fall


Hi y’all! Hope you have had a gorgeous weekend like we have had in S.E. Tennessee! Hey!!! It’s not hot like it has been for ages…or so it seems! Seems odd still that the air conditioner has not been coming on and running forever. Like Goldilocks, I prefer everything to be “just right”~~~~come on, don’t just laugh to yourself! You know deep down that you feel the same way. We women usually try to have things just right to please everyone else and ourselves…hmmm, that’s the difficult part.


My husband, Bob, surprised me today with the gorgeous metal pumpkin from Tuesday Morning..some of you will recall seeing it last fall, too. The truth is that there’s another gate decoration awaiting my paint brush to make it a wee bit more fall looking! Hopefully, that one will be on the gate in a few days. I never knew a gate could look “naked” until we started finding gate decorations and enjoying them for each season or holiday. The truth is that we had a similar gate, when we lived in Kingwood, Texas, decades ago. Nothing ever was hanging on that gate. No wreath, no seasonal sign of any kind. Nothing! Then one year, after we had been in Tennessee a few YEARS…yes, YEARS! Guess what Southern Living magazine did. Yes, they wrote an article with photos on how to decorate your gate. Just as if they thought we might need that info and I confess to being first in line to admit I needed that in print to go, “duh, maybe so” or some thought similar to that one. I’m telling you the truth, I set out to find a “gate decoration” as I referred to it and all the ones to follow.


OK, things went along really well on the continuous hunt for gate decorations. Then it suddenly expanded to include the immediate area of the gate and garage wall area. Suddenly, we had to have a park bench and it’s a good thing that decision was quickly made as soon as Bob and I found it in a K-Mart advertisement. Many calls were made to several area K-Mart stores and finally we found the Martha Stewart pale green park bench…assembly required. Oh the fun we had….gritting our teeth! There was one part, that just would not work….after the easy installation/assembling had taken it’s tole on Bob and me. Thankfully, the K-Mart staff was wonderful and very concerned about our happiness with their products and found the one part that was not working for us. Hey, finding that one part was much better than having to take it all apart to return. We weathered that one well and then there still had to be more for this entrance area to our home.


OK, we had seen gorgeous topiaries of boxwood in Europe on our “Dream Trip” with our friends, Betty and Jim about this time 3 years ago. While in Austria, we were seeing the topiaries outside restaurants, department stores, hotels, and the list goes on and on and then we arrived in Prague, in the Czech Republic. We saw even more topiaries of boxwood. It became a passion to decide if they were real or not. We would pass them and I’d reach out to feel the leaves. Fake, faux or not real are all the same word basically. Then we strolled around another shop and I felt a piece of stem in my hand…eek, that one was real, really real, that is. It both scared me and also made the four of us laugh out loud. We spent 3 weeks in Europe, and returned home a week after we arrived in the U.S.A. Immediately, I was on the phone calling around for topiaries. Finally, found one shop that had one topiary as I had described. He had reduced the price and no one had bought it. Quickly we hopped in the car and drove into Georgia to his shop. See that beautiful topiary that has been in all kinds of weather for 3 years! Everyone loves it and wants to know where it came from. Truthfully, the idea came from Europe, but we were thrilled nearby Georgia had this one. And the shop owner was was ready to close it out for the season. Now, we have 2 similar ones on our front porch..you can see them in a recent post covered with snow. They are not the quality of the one by the garage, but people ask where we got them thinking they are real live plants, too. They were found at Trees ‘N Trends and have held up well.

Bob and I enjoy finding things that remind us of travel with our friends and family. It just makes our home a part of what we remember from the fun times celebrated and the times to come. Thanks for visiting and following my adventures. See more 1. Helen’s Decor gate decorations 2. Helen’s Decor gate decorations.

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6 Responses to Changing The Gate Decoration For Fall

  1. Helen, I love seeing how your garden gate decor changes with the seasons! And the sitting area along the garage wall is lovely, as well!

    • Shenita, you just made my day. I really enjoy the changing gate decorations, too. And I could not stand that plain wall, so that made the park bench a necessity! LOL! Thanks for dropping by. Helen

  2. Oh how fun, I love the pumpkin on your gate. Perfect. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire ME. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, thanks for the visit. Glad you loved the pumpkin, too. Stay tuned…I have a new one to add soon. I enjoy finding something new and different. Hugs back, Helen

  3. It is getting cooler here – I am one of those girls who like it ‘just right’ too – this is one of my favorite times of the year! What a sweet gift from your hubby – I love it! Miss Tuesday Morning jaunts!
    So delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, we just returned from Pennsylvania and the weather is much cooler in Tennessee than when we left a week ago. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the pumpkin art on our gate. Thanks, Helen

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