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Choosing Exterior Paint For Your Home


Near the end of 1988, my husband was transferred to Chattanooga and we had to relocate for the second time in a little over a year. We were thrilled as we were actually closer to both families…even though not near enough. And then our only child had just gone away for his first year of college. Fortunately, he went to a university, that was not near enough for parents…but one we also knew well.

So, on a cool November day twenty-five years ago, while my husband was working, I was out looking at houses. Oh me! Some of you will recall, that I sold real estate in the Houston, Texas area, and was used to helping others relocate due to their corporate transfers. Wow! We had moved many times, but it’s different when you are young and have a child/children at home. How so? Well, some of our dearest friends we have met, through our son’s friendship with their child. Shopping for our empty nest was strange and yet we did not want to get a small place. Again, it was a breezy fall day, leaves a falling. See that photo below and check out that paint job…yes, you are seeing correctly. It was a pale green with medium gray shutters and exterior door. We were not feeling it; however, that was about our only drawback. We wanted something more in keeping with the beautiful Colonial Williamsburg colors. OK, not everything had to be changed instantly, but it was at the top of that mental list we had.


Maybe it was the falling leaves appealing and somewhat not so much! We were ready for home…our home again. We had two apartments, one in Tennessee and one in Texas, during our son’s senior year of high school. Most of our furniture had been in storage in Knoxville for over a year. Yes, we were ready for our home and this one spoke to me. Knowing that feeling, our great agent, Linda drove me to her office to call Bob. He met us and yeah, neither of us were crazy over the colors but that would be changed soon enough.

The next photo shows the true colors of the house as we had it painted. For some reason, I have not be able to get a photo to show the richness of the taupe on the front side of the house. Of course, that day there was no definite color in mind. Weeks later, a new friend and I were out and about and passed a house in similar style and oh so Williamsburg! Boldly, I copied the address and used a reverse telephone directory to find the owner. Yes, boldly, I called the owner and first of all, I complimented the lady on her lovely home and then asked if she would mind sharing her colors with me. She was fabulous and even offered her painter’s name and number. It was meant to be! Y’all do know how thrilled I was to put our stamp on our home. Best of all, we have loved the colors enough to use it a second time. Yes, we had Hardi plank installed to replace the defective Masonite.


Please understand, that I’m not against gray and green, we had a gray brick home before this one, and just wanted to have a brighter color for this one. My point is that we should not be afraid to jump out of our comfort zone to get the colors we want…each of us. And then there’s the fact, that we do love, love, love Colonial Williamsburg! It’s a great destination.


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  1. That looks wonderful…I have to admit I love both but I’m glad you made it your own…

    • Christine, I have laughed ’til I cried over your tablespace story about the bar restroom! Thanks for dropping by and seeing my house as it was and as it is. Take care if you return to that bar!:)

  2. You have a beautiful home. The paint colors are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful colors, Helen! Your home is so inviting and picturesque!

    • Shenita, thank you very much for the lovely compliments. I’m also excited about the changes you’re making for your childhood home. Great to have you back posting, too.

  4. Your home is gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  5. You have a lovely home Helen – I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

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