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Christmas On Our Screened Porch By Helen




Merry Christmas From Our Porch!  Bob and I had a great time this past week getting ready for our son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson to arrive for Christmas!  We decided to do our decorating differently this year.  No large tree, but several small ones.  I decided to show the first completed one today and hope to have time to show the waiting to be decorated trees later.  That means we still have errands to fun, etc.  This Christmas is extra special, because it will be our first Christmas in Tennessee since 2008.  Yes, we have been with them at their home since then and had terrific times. PLEASE SEE ENLARGED PHOTOS BY CLICKING ON THEM.

Several friends have expressed interest in our porch and I thought now was the time to share it’s winter view.  You will notice, that the green woods are rather ragged looking this time of the year.  You’d think it was another world…believe me the cold weather makes it feel like another world after our summer fun.  The grands were here for several days without their parents and we played and swam.  We had a tea party on the porch at the dining table you can see on my other porch posts.  Pumpkin muffins are their favorites…so that was perfect for the tea party! In case you don’t have that recipe that is super easy, I’m sharing it as my gift to you and your family.  


(These are the only brands, I will use for these muffins.)

1 Box Duncan Hines Spice Cake Mix

1 Can (15 oz. size) Libby’s 100% Pure Pumpkin

Dump the cake mix into the bowl and stir in the 100% Pure Pumpkin

Beat together to a creamy mixture looking much like any unbaked cake.

Do not under beat…you want this smooth to place in the cupcake papers.

Follow directions for baking cupcakes on back of cake mix box.  I often

prefer using mini size cupcake papers, when I ship them to the grands.

I buy the cute ones like hearts for Valentine’s Day, etc.

Note:  You will be furious if you do not follow these directions exactly.  

Don’t decide that they need anything added to them..trust me they don’t.

Forget about any extras if you want these to be easy and delicious!  

  • The fully decorated tree works perfectly as the ornaments are safely there.  Nothing to do, but arrange the branches and pull the ornaments out.  Love the spirals, don’t you?  Bob bought an outdoor plug as our connection is outside the screened area.  Finally found one that would allow the screen door to close..no animals invited to the porch that way.  Our home is on an acre, like most of our neighbors.  Our back neighbors have a flagpole lot.  That means that their driveway runs between our next door neighbor’s yard and our yard.  We have the nicest back neighbors on that flagpole lot.  If that term is new to you, think of the driveway as the pole and their lot/acreage as the flag.  Remembering that they have a lot of family and friends visiting at this time of year…I wanted their guests and them to see something besides bare trees…and Bob very much agreed that we would place a tree there to share with our family and theirs.  We bought this tree from Target for $70!  It really is terrific with the spirals, pinecones, etc.  

You are very much welcome to see the details of our porch here:


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10 Responses to Christmas On Our Screened Porch By Helen

  1. Hi Helen..
    your porch looks so holiday great~!
    I make those same muffin- I just use pumpkin I cooked and froze- then drain and squeeze all the water out of it so just pulp is left.. I hope others try it- its soooooooooo good..
    come see me when you get a chance.. I miss our chats..

    Holiday Hugs

  2. Your lot sounds amazing, Helen – so much space! Your front porch looks fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with you family.

    • Thanks, Yvonne! Actually, this one is our back porch. The post about the boxwood topiaries was also posted this month. Hope you get a chance to visit often. Merry Christmas you and and your loved ones. Helen

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  4. I am sure you have spent many wonderful evenings out on that beautiful screened porch. Hope you have a fun holiday with your family visiting!

  5. Well, I am making a spice cake next week for my daughter. She loves pumpkin and my cake mix is a gluten free mix. (She is a Celiac). I wonder if it would work the same for that one. I am going to try it. How many cupcakes did it make?

    • Susan, I don’t really see why it wouldn’t, do you? The recipe makes about the same number of cupcakes as the box shows. I baked at the temperature the box has posted for cupcakes. I never have iced them as I don’t want to add sugar other than what is in the mix. I think each box will make 24 regular size cupcakes as opposed to mini ones. Hope this helps and let me hear how they were, please. Thanks, Helen

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