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Come Along For Lunch And Shopping


Welcome to a day out for lunch and shopping in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Please take a look at the great displays found in Ooltewah at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. It’s now looking exceptionally great and has some terrific displays. There are peacocks, that many shoppers liked! Notice the peacock feather design in the teal frames. It’s happening…I’m loving BLUE including lots of teal and our patriotic blue!


OK, the clothing at this display has taken on the forgetful traveler. You know, possibly like you, if you are like I am, and sometimes leave your home in a hurry and forget the one thing you planned to have for that gatherings of friends in another state…away from home. Just beautiful! And the jewelry in this “restaurant” is looking lovely. In fact, the jewelry caught my eye first and made me think which one did I need. I have a “thing” about necklaces…love them!


Now, seriously do you ever recall seeing items like these at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store? This Parisian inspired pin board would be great on a wall in your vanity area. It is awesome in the photo, but more so in the store. Wish I had measured the width as there’s a side wall, where it would work well near my vanity. It would surely help me to plan the night before and pin the next day’s items needed.


Remember this is inside a country store…doesn’t look at all country to me…wait, there’s the white flying pig two photos back. Yes, we just found country. Love the birdcage and believe it would look great with a live plant inside. What would you place in it? Rooster lovers take notice of this large white one…fun to see!


The scarves called my name; especially, the red and blue one! Then the multi-color scarf was a close second. Loved the way they were displayed for ease in viewing them without having to take them down. A small rod on the wall in the closet would be ideal for keeping them visible and neat.


Love the patriotic dishware and those salad/dessert plates are not plastic and are tempting! Aren’t they?


The blues in the casual top and the blue containers caused me to stay a little longer.


The “RULES” sign is terrific and if you have a porch you love…you might need it. If you have a screened porch, well you might need a trip to Cracker Barrel. Love those Cracker Barrel rocking chairs!


And then there was the great toy dolls, doggies, etc. display, your kids and grandkids would want.


This lumbar pillow is a perfect gift for a friend or relative, who loves to bike or loves Paris or both! I know those people! I know the pillow would not work on the bike, but would remind them of their fun times in Paris. 😉


OK, now I’m confessing that the necklace above, on the right, is what got my attention to all the other pretties you have seen today! And then there is the one on the left…told you I love casual jewelry. Not only did I enjoy shopping…their catfish is the best Bob and I have found in a long time. Great server and she made sure they cooked it the way we love it. And on with that trip we went. And I did find something that I had been aching for. You’ll see it soon. Thanks for visiting.

I have not been compensated by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The opinions are my own and I do enjoy dining and shopping there.

Hope you have a great week!

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