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In Time For Container Planting

Are you as excited as I am about the warm weather…that is on the days we have it! This month it’s been a bit back and forth. Give me warm, even hot over cold weather. Just look at this beautiful potting table or it can be a buffet table. I’d love to have it to use for planting all the many deck boxes and also the large and small pots, that we enjoy all summer long. At the same time, I’m thinking how useful it will be for those times we grill out and dine out on the porch or deck. (OK usually on the porch with that ceiling fan moving…really moving.) I love that it can be folded and stored inside the storage room on simply left on the porch. It’s got great style and it appears to be RED; however it is a natural stain!

Hope you are able to get in on this as there were not many available, the last time I checked! Thinking of the idea for a graduation party at poolside? Sounds fun, you can get info by clicking this line.

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