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Container Plants Three Weeks Later


Hope y’all are enjoying your outdoor gardening, regardless of whether it is in the ground or in containers! We were busy trying to trim up that huge coconut hanging basket. All the recent rain did beat down some of the plants; therefore, it was necessary to trim that one basket up a lot. You will notice, that the rain started up again while I was trimming the dead bits of the longest plants in that one basket.


This is our first attempt at growing strawberries in our strawberry pot. Yeah, we’ve had pansies with no luck in that pot. Actually, right after they were planted we had a wash out storm that totally ruined them. So much for pansies in a strawberry pot!

This is our second year to have the gorgeous Vinca flowers in our deck boxes and pots! I truthfully was not very sure we would enjoy them as much as we have impatiens. They have really proven to be hardier than the impatiens. They mix in well with our beloved ferns!!!!


This is the huge coconut hanging basket, that Bob bought for $20 reduced from $84.99 about a month ago. The rains have over watered it. It does appear to be coming back, except before I finished trimming it this weekend we had another downpour as you will see in the next photo!


That green table and chairs are usually, under the ceiling fan on the screened in porch! It is proudly used as my potting table only! I must admit it works well inside or outside…maybe it needs to be spray painted!


Notice all the trimming that needed to be done to that large hanging basket. It took a while for sure. I’m thinking it will recover!


Notice more of the yellow and red flowers are popping out! I would love to have a whole pot of just those!


We enjoy our backyard privacy with a thick surround of woods. You must realize we lived with very few trees in our last yard, so we embrace the beauty of our woods! Here’s my favorite view today!


Hope you have a great week!

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