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Cozumel Antique Copper Finish Garden Bench Review – Preliminary

Cozumel Garden Bench in Antique Copper - Click for More Reviews or To Buy

Happy Springtime! Just thinking of the fun we can enjoy outside from now until fall. Imagine having this beautiful Cozumel Cast Aluminum Garden Bench with Antique Copper Finish sitting in a cluster of trees, on your deck, or at poolside. The price is fabulous for this beautiful finish and style. A home with a large covered entrance would be a perfect place to have an antique copper finish bench.  Just a little overhang of your roof makes a bench right for receiving packages whenever you miss a delivery.

This decorative park bench would make the perfect gift for celebrating a joyful occasion. Think housewarming party, Mother’s Day, or just because you thought of them. Click Here to Read More Reviews of the Cozumel Garden Bench or To Buy.

17 Responses to Cozumel Antique Copper Finish Garden Bench Review – Preliminary

  1. Helen, you know how much I love benches! The one outside my front door is one of the first things I ever bought when we moved into our new home. Thank you for sharing this nice website. I am going to check it out! Hope you are having a great week!

    • Maria, I’m right there with you on loving the benches. Maybe it’s triggers fun memories of long ago and recent times, too. Sort of like sitting on our porch does. Thanks for visiting, Helen

  2. That is such a pretty bench! It looks like it would sit just perfectly with a range of home styles too.

    I’m following you on Linky now.

  3. Helen , thank you for visiting and leaving a comment . I LOVE comments ! I am happily following you ( with Linky ) now too :)

  4. Love the bench. I have a bench on my front porch and one on the back but they are getting old. This one looks pretty good. Thanks for giving me the tip about joining linky, I have joined it and added the Follow Box on my blog. Hopefully people will see it and follow me.

    • Judy, so glad to hear that you were able to join Linky Followers and are following me. I’m your newest follower. Sounds like a new bench or two might be in your future. I really love the style of the Cozumel bench. Thanks, Helen

  5. Hi Helen! Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower..I enjoy reading your blog, and am following you back! Last Saturday we stopped in a Cracker Barrel and I agree! Cute Cute! I wanted that Bunny but decided to wait til we were driving back home…then guess what? I fell asleep and my husband drove right by..stealthy :( The Cozumel bench gets prop, just for it’s name! Have a great week! Sunny D

    • Thanks, Sunny! I know how that falling asleep at the wrong time works out! :) It’s a gorgeous bench named for a gorgeous vacation spot! Thanks again for the follow. Helen

  6. Thank you so much for sharing about the bench. I really appreciate your review and the sweet comment you left on my blog!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. PS I followed you back on linky.

  8. Hi Helen, Thanks for coming by and following. I’m following you back!
    That’s a really pretty bench!

    • Hi Debra, You’re welcome and I’m so happy that you dropped by. It is a lovely bench for sure. I’m loving the color and the trellis look to the back. Thanks, Helen

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