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Decorating A Three Tier Table

Welcome to my foyer! I have been experimenting lately with my iPad creating a different view including the antique mirror over the credenza and the three tier table reflected from the formal living room. Now, I’m wondering what I did without that iPad!

Back to that view of the three tier table, that I just happened upon probably 15 years ago. It’s moved around in our home over the years. And I’m never been quite sure what would be best displayed on the three tiers. Trust me I have stuff….don’t we all have “stuff” that is somewhere in our homes if only we could remember just where! Teasing a bit, but actually this great table sat without a thing on its tiers for ages in a corner of our family room. It has what is known as a “pie crust” edge on each tier. To tell the truth, I admired it for a reason some people would not want it. Can you imagine what that is? Frankly, it’s nice not to have everything look brand new and untouched. Don’t you feel more at home sometimes, when you see some sign that the furnishings have been loved, enjoyed and used…even perhaps abused? Well, the pie crust on the tiers is not in perfect condition. Ha! In places, it reminds me of some of the pie crusts I attempted to make.

Then the day came for the less than perfect table to move to the guest bedroom on the first floor. That move made me a bit more adventurous with the table tiers. A book from Colonial Williamsburg stayed on lowest tier. A silver jewelry case on another along with things that moved from upstairs to make the three tier table look loved and enjoyed. Somehow, that just did not get the look. You know “the look” we ladies want in our homes. Well, what happened next was the move to the formal living room and there it sits bare as can be except for a vase on the very top tier. There’s no question, it looks strange, but it’s never gone beyond that one item.


The truth is that it’s now been residing in that living room about a year! One vase on top…nothing else. This is where you can help me…please! Do you have a three tier table like this and what do you have on it? I have “googled” and “asked Jeeves” and nothing has led me to the answer. Please leave me a note with your info on how you have decorated your three tier table! Are you thinking, “what’s the rush after 15 years?” I was sure you were…well, this Christmas, I’d love to have that living room look finished….and very much loved. That table is seen before people even turn to enter the living room. The mirror shows it right away in the foyer.

Seriously, I’d love to hear your suggestions for that table. I appreciate your visits very much.

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6 Responses to Decorating A Three Tier Table

  1. Helen, that is a lovely piece all on its own. I am stumped, as well. Perhaps if you put several of the same type of pieces on the table it would give it a unified look. Something like a collection of teacups or small vases? I would lean toward round items…sorry, I don’t think I was much of a help! I am very interested to see how this one turns out!

    • Kim, I’m really glad you mentioned the cups. A while back, I did visit a friend who has cups and saucers on her three tier table. I have several collections…maybe I should consider featuring different items for a month or so. Keyword: dusting all those pretty items! Thanks for leaving the note that helped a lot. Helen

  2. I have one too. I think it’s meant for food. I have mine in my dining room but I used to have it in my living room. I used to have all kinds of pretty pictures frames on it.

    • Dee, The dining room is a great place for it and I’ve been trying to find the right corner for it. Currently, I have an old brass tea cart in the one space where the three tier table would fit snuggly….perhaps a bit too snuggly! Now, that it’s in the dining room, do you display anything or use it for dessert? Thanks…I’m coming over now to see your post!:)

  3. I don’t have one, I would think it would look nice displaying a collection – looking forward to seeing what you do! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, thanks for the note! I’ll be glad to share what info I get on the decorating of the three tiered table. Thanks for posting and for the party.

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