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Decorating For Christmas 2013


Hello and Merry Christmas! Bob and I have been shopping, refreshing old things, and getting new when necessary. Like repairing the cedar chest after it was repaired…long story. That chest is often used as a coffee table in our family room. Here you will see how a simple Guardsman Touch-Up Pen solved an ugly chip problem. Soon after the holidays, I plan to get my hands on that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and brighten up the look of that dark chest. For now, the Guardsman pen made a tremendous difference that you’ll see here. The problem was that huge chunk, before it was painted over with the “DarK” pen.


It really was annoying to have it repaired “professionally” and then see that. Well, I was desperate enough to try the pen, and it’s looks much better already. I have used Guardsman products for decades..a long time and highly recommend them. ( That is from my heart and experience, I have not been compensated for recommending it ever!) Time helped as it was a day later, when I handled the chest. Actually, it covered that chunk well. Here are a few more photos of the family room getting ready for “our family” to arrive!!!


There were lots of places showing the raw wood on the chest. Just a few minutes was all it took for the whole chest to be looking better. Oh, that chalk paint will fix it up…if I am brave enough to go for it.


Several years ago, I found the red tray at a local outlet for around five dollars…the price on it was $24.99! At the time, I honestly had not seen trays used on tables for displaying things…stuff! In fact it was unused all that time. A few days ago, that “NOEL” box caught my eye in CVS pharmacy and that tray came to mind. Yes, that would be the perfect way to display items normally sitting on shelves, etc. That moment this plan started growing! Yeah, bigger and bigger…and I had to visit “gifts in the closet” located in one of the guest rooms. While looking there was the small Christmas tree pin and I grabbed it not knowing at that moment why. Why? Now, it’s to dress up that red and white box. And the gold artichoke was found about that time, too. Somehow, things jumped out that needed to be fun. Do you enjoy mixing your old things with your new, like that? The pair of quail were painted by me in ceramic class ages ago and they never quite made it to Goodwill. Remember I painted those! Also, from CVS, on the tray is the twig star tree topper, and rather than top a tree it had to be down where everyone can see it. There’s nothing in the NOEL box, except a tiny tree with pinecones on it and for now it’s there to stay.


In the last photo, that damaged chest would have shown up brightly in this room. Notice it is dark as the remainder of the chest.

We now have two trees on the front porch, one tree on the screened in back porch, Santa in the sleigh with the reindeer at the top of our driveway near the weigela bushes!

Wishing you a great celebration!


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  1. Those pens are total lifesavers aren’t they. The repair is amazing and such a pretty chest. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, I totally agree about the Guardsman Touch-Up Pens. The dark one easily made the cedar chest look much better. Hope everyone reading visits your blog, Marty. Thanks for the party and Merry Christmas!

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