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Decorating Master Bath Vanity Outside The Box

Bronze Mosaic Birdfeeder Angel by Kirkland's

Recenty, I was  shopping for the master bath vanity area and found the Kirkland’s Mosaic Garden Angel Birdfeeders to be very interesting.  Actually, I was looking all over the place for something unique to place in the corner of the L-shaped two sink vanity.  To my great surprise, I found the 2 Mosaic Angel Birdfeeders.  One is highlighted with green mirror and the other with bronze mirror. They stand 28.5″ and I kept wondering how the bronze one would look standing on  our new Tropic Brown granite.  FYI, if I remember correctly, that is about the height of the average end table.  I realize it appears much shorter in this close-up photo.  I really wanted you to the the detail work on the angel.  If you like using outside items inside and vice versa, you  must see these.  The last price that I saw for either angel was under $35.00.

I am including the link to the bronze one below this post.  Also,  I’m posting the photo of the bronze angel as she stands awaiting whatever I decide to do to the walls.

Hope you enjoy decorating outside the box as I do.  If you like that idea,  another outdoor item that I have used on our mantle for this season is the Rock City birdhouse.  It’s a terrific memory for many travelers along the highways and Interstates in the South.  While it is advertising for the famous Rock City Gardens atop Lookout Mountain near downtown Chattanooga, it is such a pleasant memory for young and old alike.  I enjoy decorating with items that make my family, guests, and I smile.

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  1. I am a collector of Angels and I love this bird feeder. That’s a great find! Please stop in to my blog and say Hi.

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