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Decorating Our Upstairs Landing Off Bridge

fml6-20130318Our family room has a bridge, also called “cat walk” over it. The stairway goes near the side of our house, where the bedrooms are located. Directly across from the top of the stairway is the landing, and it adds a nice touch compared to just having a bridge with no way to decorate it. That would be sort of bland in that area visible from most angles of the family room below. The area is difficult to photograph as well, because both indoor walls of the room have angled ceiling drops due to the high vaulted ceiling. Search me as to why this was built that way…we’re the third owners. fmlbest1-2013

When I began writing this post, I had only a couple of items still on the console aka the Fleur de Lis console from Kirkland’s Home. One was that lamp, that I’m not thrilled to have up there. Due to the angle of the ceiling meeting the beams…it’s difficult to decide what does look right. While writing this in the middle of the night, I’ve decided the way it appears in this first photo might be best. Meaning, two short and two tall items on the console. Oh, almost forgot to say that the other item was the topiary, that I found at Old Time Pottery in Hunstville/Madison, Alabama. OTP does have great deals on topiaries in case you haven’t heard!


The little white and brown bird is an adorable sale item, that I had to have from Stein Mart. Of course that cutie is sitting atop of some of my favorite books. To the left of “birdie” is a gorgeous floral, that is quite realistic.

Now I’m thinking I might remove the tall topiary and grab one with a single ball in a flower pot. Trying to visualize bringing the height of the items on the console up as the ceiling over it is going up to a point about in the middle of the bridge. A few minutes ago my whole post disappeared except for one letter. Thankfully, I click save over and over during the time I’m writing. Forgive me if I’m rambling…that scared me a bit until I brought most of it back up. The next change on the landing will be a new lamp or a lamp new to the console.

It’s great to have you drop by.
Thanks, Helen

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16 Responses to Decorating Our Upstairs Landing Off Bridge

  1. Hi Helen! Thanks for stopping by today! Just found your blog! Very nice!!! You have a new follower!! Have a wonderful day! ~~Angela

    • Hi Angela…loved your black and white on your porch. I use a good bit of black on mine, too. Thanks for following..I’m looking forward to knowing you better. Helen

  2. What a sweet vignette, Helen! I love adding little accent tables to spaces like this. They are always a nice little treat at the top of the stairs.

    • Shenita, thanks….I really struggled with it last night. I know I’ll be changing out the lamp shade if not the whole lamp. I’ve lost count of how many lamps are in this house. Yeah, I do love them…and new the right one on that console. Thanks for you lovely compliments.

  3. Helen, Thanks for stopping by, and for the sweet comment left on my “Welcoming Spring,” post!

    That is a neat little area in your home for a table and vignette, fits perfectly! Love the topiary and little bird!

    • Rhonda, You’re quite welcome, I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for seeing what I like most about it as a detail that makes it more welcoming both from downstairs and upstairs. When I first saw the console it seemed perfect for the space, because it’s slim and tall and the drawers will hold lots of games, etc. I’m looking forward to knowing you better.

  4. This looks like a fun spot- I would be playing with it all the time! I’m playing with it now!!

    • Liz, you are cracking me up! I’m so thankful that the first owner was the builder as I feel sure he or his wife decided the bridge was a bit narrow, not to add a little extra detail. It also makes a nice bed, when there are rare snowstorms, that knock out the power for the area. Fleece and the gas logs keep us warm…sometimes in the middle of the night it’s almost hot and with the remote, we can turn them off a while.

  5. Love the little bird! So cute!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  6. I love any small area where I can add a little storage. This little vignette at the top of the stairs is just perfect. The little bird is a great nod to Spring, too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Helen,

    I really like the topiary but I love the bird. I have birds everywhere!It comes in handy in the Spring. Thank you for joining us at Transformed Tuesday this week.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

    • Hi Peggy, thanks for dropping by and leaving me a note. Birds really do add a special touch to a vignette! I really enjoy your Transformed Tuesday party. Thanks for hosting it.

  8. everything looks so pretty! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

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