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Decorating The Garden Gate For Valentines Day

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is rested from the Christmas celebrations and all set to enjoy our brand new year 2013! As many of you know by now, if you’ve been following my blog a while…I love to decorate our “garden gate”…and the truth is that there is no real garden…everything is strictly container plants. Yes, lots and lots of containers!

Here’s the very first gate decorated a few years ago. Look how lucky, I was to come upon this container. Everyone seems to favor this one container and I’m pleased with how it has worked out for us. The patriotic red, white, and blue butterfly was wonderful for our summer gate…everyone seemed to enjoy it. Just love to see the smiles, when guests see an unexpected gate decoration. Want to know a surprising fact about these 2 great decorations….OK, the truth is that they both came from Ross Dress For Less stores…for under $8.00 each. Fortunately, these 2 have held up very well and can be used for many holidays to come.

The gate is conveniently located near the garage entry, where our “Martha Stewart bench” sits tucked under the eave of the house. Hope UPS will one day get the hint that we would love for them to drop packages on it, rather than leave them in an uncovered area.

Simply loved, loved, loved the metal pumpkin decoration from Tuesday Morning in a yellow/orange paint for fall. Suddenly, this week I went in search of some containers to store our excess Christmas decorations until next December. And as usual, there’s a thought or two rolling around in my mind…like what next for that arched top gate, that we love. It is love truly and when my eyes fell on the bright red heart with Cupid’s arrow through it…it had to come home with me. This came from Big Lots for $6. It might be moved to another location if something heavier is found. See what you think…it’s light weight..hope it doesn’t blow off during these storms we keep having. Oops, had to add one more shot of that butterfly and bench.

See what you think of this heart…remember it might go better somewhere else..and that means there’s more shopping in my future. It’s growing on me…but maybe not…and then maybe something else can be attached to make it a bit more exciting! Do you ever wonder what Martha would say were she to lay her eyes on that arched gate? Ha! I didn’t think so either! :)

Hope you enjoy visiting lots of blogs today and hop in via the parties!


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10 Responses to Decorating The Garden Gate For Valentines Day

  1. The gate looks amazing for every holiday. How fun to put something up for Valentine’s. That’s a day that I just really don’t do anything decorating for. I need to change that.

    You mentioned the red and green year round, I use to have red, green and gold for my colors and loved it. It always seemed happy. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, like you I haven’t always done much for Valentines’ Day, but thought why not! So, this is the year to extend another month of celebrating. And then there’s Easter not far behind V Day! Thanks so very much for mentioning how you used the red and green with the gold. Still thinking if I will really go that direction or not. Hugs,Helen

  2. Helen, I love how you decorate your gate for every season and holiday. Love, love the Valentine’s heart! What a pretty addition! I am still trying to clean up and organize our home after the holiday chaos and Valentines is coming just too fast. I don’t have anything ready, even my front porch is bare, bare, bare. LOL

    • Maria, thank you very much. Also, so glad that you like the heart. Oh, you’re not alone in cleaning up..I’m still noticing things that need to be put away, too. Maria, I know you and that porch will not be bare very long at all. I’m sure of it.

  3. What a charming gate and bench! And it’s so nice that you give it so much attention! There are so many areas of my house I neglect :(. Particularly the outdoors! This year, I am going to get on that.

    • So happy that you like my gate and bench, too! I actually did go to UPS online and request that they leave packages on the bench as the over hanging eave would offer protection from rain and snow. Evidently the drivers haven’t had a note yet. I love being outside; however, some creatures of the woods frighten me. Happy New Year and please visit again soon. Thanks, Helen

  4. How cute! Love the seasonal decorations on your gate. Thanks for sharing at my Twirl & Take a Bow party. I’m your newest linky follower. Have a great week.

  5. There’s my favorite gate! I love it. It’s looks great with the heart. How fun to have the gate to decorate each season. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!! Happy Friday and have a wonderful, creative weekend. :)


    • Kathy, You just made my day…so glad you “love” that arched top gate. BTW, the plan for it is online at http://www.bhg.com. I must confess that we really enjoy having a decorative object there all the time. Thanks for tossing a great party!

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