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Decorating With Peacock Feathers


Hi! Hope everyone is enjoying some cooler temperatures these past few days. Do you often find things that remind you of your childhood days. One day recently, I came upon this gorgeous display of peacock feathers and items that had similar colors. Suddenly, I was a little girl in Texas, when in reality, I am a grandmother in Tennessee! What a fun memory this beautiful display brought instantly to mind of that long ago day visiting a peacock farm in Texas.

If you look closely, you will definitely see feathers shown on plates and notice also how well the cones are displayed. Hints of peacocks all around. That deep blue, but not navy blue was exceptionally pleasing to my eyes after seeing a lot of O-R-A-N-G-E! The feather wreaths are about to call my name. Hobby Lobby keeps getting better and better at finding unique decorations for fall…any season really.


Thanks for dropping by to visit. Take care…the pollen is out already!

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18 Responses to Decorating With Peacock Feathers

  1. Helen, this is some gorgeous decor! The plates are fabulous! No cooler temperatures here yet, but at least we got a little tiny bit of rain yesterday. :) Enjoy your week.

    • Maria, thanks for the lovely compliments. Somehow, I just knew you would enjoy these pretty items today. So glad y’all got even a tiny amount of rain. Helen

  2. I love the peacock plates. The colors are wonderful!

  3. Helen, I love the peacock display. Just beautiful! Wishing for cooler weather.

  4. Helen, I love peacock feathers! The colors are so pretty and vibrant! I actually used them in my fall decor last year. I’ve also seen some beautiful holiday decor, using peacock feathers. They are gorgeous!

  5. Well Helen, you know what they say…great minds :)

    I bought peacock feathers last week at HomeGoods and I love them!

  6. Love that peacock wrath! Beautiful.


  7. Gorgeous, I love peacocks and their beautiful feathers! My mom has a beautiful blue and white big vase and she has the feathers in it and it’s just lovely as is your awesome post! Thank you for dropping by sweet lady. Enjoy the weekend.

    • Fabby, those peacock wreaths and dinner plates caught my attention instantly. Your mom’s arrangement in the blue and white vase sounds lovely, too. Thanks for your lovely comments. I always enjoy dropping by your blog, too. Helen

  8. I love the peacocks feathers!! The thought of decorating with them for fall is a great idea. Blue is my favorite color. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!!

    • Julie, I’m enjoying blue more all the time. I actually have an allergy to feathers, but might be able to use these in a vase. I haven’t tried them yet. The wreaths are lovely…even more lovely in the real! Thanks for visiting me today…I look forward to knowing you better. Helen

  9. I love how things, or fragrances bring back fond memories – this is such a lovely display – what a wonderful post! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

    • Kathy, it’s my pleasure to share the beautiful things I see along the way. You can expect to see almost identical displays in your local Hobby Lobby. So glad you enjoyed seeing this post, too. Thanks for sharing Home and Garden Thursday with all of us. Helen

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