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Decorating With Unexpected Finds

Glad you have stopped by to see what I’m talking about today.  Recently, while dashing through Ross Dress For Less, I was stunned to see this beautiful horse.  The artwork on it is outstanding.  It appears as if it were hand-carved, yet I’m sure that it is not.  The camera doesn’t do justice to the details of streaked grays and tans, and the irregular outlines make it appear hand-carved.  Something attracted me to it instantly.  Maybe, it’s the memory, of our horse running away with my sister and me on it…ahh, into the pond.  

Thankfully, the memory of that long ago day on my family’s farm, in Texas, turned out well.  Anyway, I had no clue where it would end up in my home.  For a while the horse stayed in my “Green Room” in the bag.  One day, I grabbed that bag and ran into our master bedroom and almost as if planned, I got the horse and set it on my jewelry box on top of the dresser.  When I stepped back….well, I loved the beauty of it with its reflection showing on the mirror.  I think it found a home that second.  What do y’all think?  

Another day, a few weeks later, I was shopping in Trees ‘N Trends and found one much larger, but otherwise identical.  I mean same everything about it.  Oh, my goodness!  I was tempted…I could see it on an entry table in my mind.  Not just any entry table, but the one in our home with the inherited antique mirror above it.  Never say never!  I “never” would have believed, that a horse would be in our home!  Don’t forget to click the photos to enlarge them.  Thanks for visiting!  Helen



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16 Responses to Decorating With Unexpected Finds

  1. He adds a lot of visual movement to your vignette! andrea@townandprairie

  2. Oh it looks so pretty there! I am new to your blog and so glad that I found it!

  3. Helen, what a great find!! He looks so “at home’ there!! Don’t you just love it when you find pieces that bring back memories? Enjoy it!!

    • Shenita, I really had no clue where his home would be. I simply knew he was going home with me that day in Ross!!!! Thanks for visiting.Oh, and I wasn’t aware of how he fit into my memories until I started writing about him!

  4. I like!!! He looks really good there.

  5. He looks great there. I think he wants his older, much larger brother to come live at your house too.

  6. I think that horse is FABULOUS~! love it.. good thing you found it first or it would be in MY ROOM lol..

    beautiful treasure– happy for ya sweetums,


  7. I love, love, love your horse!!!!
    That is the perfect spot for it! So pretty!
    I just awarded you the Liebster blog award.
    Take a look!

    • MariaElena, thanks for your thoughtfulness and kindness in choosing my blog as one of the 3 to receive the Liebster blog award. Oh, and I’m thrilled, too, that you love my horse! I have to agree with you…that does seem to be the perfect spot for it. Thanks again!

  8. Hi Helen! Oh, he looks fine! The most perfect spot too!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Shelia, I’m so glad that you like “him” and the location. It’s always a joy to visit your blog and thank you for “popping in” on me!

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