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Decorating Your China Cabinet







Are you seriously interested in collecting many patterns of fine china?  If so, you are in good company on this post.  I absolutely cannot resist beautiful china.  It goes way back to my young newlywed days.  I registered for a Syracuse pattern named Yorktown.  It is beautiful with 2 platinum bands on the plates.  The company closed down about 1970.  (Note:  All photos are clickable to enlarge!)

We had received a large number of pieces for my shower, and my mother-in-law generously gave us special pieces.  Over the years, I have managed to fulfill my desire for finishing the pattern via eBay!  It is really strange…sometimes, there is a real bidding war! Other times, there seems to be no one else interested.  Prices run high and low.  I’m very thankful to have more than I need, and much more than the matching corner cabinets can contain.   I also worried about having my fine crystal, Sheffield by Fostoria, completed and the Fostoria casual crystal, Jamestown in amber.  The Sheffield pattern also has the platinum band like the Syracuse Yorktown china.   We also have inherited a few pieces of other patterns including the Fostoria American pattern, which is clear!  I find I cannot resist a  good buy on china salad plates.  I fell in love with Syracuse flower salad plates in the magnolia pattern.  That happened by accident!  Yeah, I accidentally decided that I wasn’t going to decorate a wall with them.  I really wanted enough to have a number of friends over for a salad luncheon on those salad plates.  Judging by the ones in the twin china cabinets and stashed in the kitchen cabinets, I have more than enough.

I also love finding a few small plates to alternate with on the shelves.  I feel that adds more interest to a china cabinet.  Please post if you want to know more about a particular plate pattern.  I’ll gladly try to answer your questions if I can locate the pattern name.  Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Hi Helen, thanks for following my blog. Nice to meet you! I’ll be collecting my grandmother’s china next month and looking forward to having it. Though, unfortunately, I have no where to put it! We’ll be doing a big remodel in 5 yrs so hopefully we’ll have glass cabinets to display it. Have a nice weekend!

  2. OH this truly DOES look like paradise! I love the way you have it all decorated and yes, love “The Lady”! I can see why you won — this is such a warm and welcoming area!

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