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Decorating Your Front Door For Fall 2014




Hello!  Surely you are as excited as I was when Glenda agreed to have me post her first fall decoration for 2014!  Her beautiful door almost needs no decorating as it is a “standout”  on it’s own.  Have you already planned what your front door will share with your neighborhood this fall?  I must confess…I have not!  Don’t miss seeing the arched window about her gorgeous entry.  





Anyone having front door envy besides me?  Glenda shared with me that she recently saw a door decoration much like this one!  So, she went home and created her version slightly different from the one she saw!  Stay tuned to see what might be next on her decoration!  Her daughter had another terrific idea…she got her mother’s gift for decorating!   


Check out Glenda’s previous fall decor here! http://www.helensdecor.com/fall-bunco-night/

Hope you have a great week!

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