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Decorating Your Garden Gate

A few years ago, I stopped in my tracks one day while reading Southern Living magazine.  They had a wonderful article on decorating your gate to greet your guests.  It was not just any outdoor decor, but was an old brass rectangular mailbox.  They attached it to the center of the gate and placed magnolia stems in it.  OH!!!  I thought…hmm, we are in the midst of having our fence replaced along with our deck top and rails with 2 small gates from the deck to the pool.  (To enlarge a photo, click it!)

I already had dreamed of having a unique gate that would greet our guests as they pulled into our driveway.  Our garage is a “swing-in” style.  Yeah, that was a new name to me, that describes how it really is.  Our home sits on a small knoll and to avoid an extremely steep straight up driveway, it turns at an angle to the left go up the hill.  And then you “swing-in” to the right to enter the garage through the side end doors.  That avoids having the doors facing the street.  I liked that term and think it fits and best describes the plan.  I also like that it allows more room for guests’ vehicles when we entertain.

Going back to that article, I asked our contractor if I found a gate plan if he would build it for us.  I knew I had seen one I  loved online.  Sure he would be glad to and so it took me a while to find it.  Lesson learned always get that site saved when you find something that will drive you crazy until you locate it.  Well, I searched and finally found the arched top gate on BHG’s website.  Even though our fence was 4 feet tall, I wanted the privacy of a taller gate!  You are getting ahead of me, aren’t you?  I did also want to ensure that I had plenty of space for my mailbox!

Well, I looked around in thrift shops, antique shops, etc.  NOTHING!  I didn’t even consider whether they still made that type brass mailbox.  Almost ready to give up the decor for the new arched gate, that was coming, when I just happened up the perfect size and shape for $7.99 at Ross Dress for Less.  Can you imagine just how fast I grabbed that box.  When I got home my husband, Bob, agreed to drill drainage holes in the bottom to keep the rain water from standing.  I loved the decoupage floral on the box and that the color of the box had a shade of orange that was one color in the mixture of colors in our home’s brick.

Recapping, it took 2 well known magazines to help me come up with the welcoming gate, that I had hoped to have.  It took a great contractor to say to email him the URL to find the plan.  Thanks, Mark!  He was so particular about his work, that he double-sided the gate.  He wanted the gate to look great from inside the deck and pool area.  Bob and I were thrilled and like that we can place live plants into it as shown in the photos or use faux flowers for the seasons.  Hope you enjoy visiting the gate, our arched gate.  Thanks for stopping by.



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48 Responses to Decorating Your Garden Gate

  1. How beautiful! I am a bit jealous that you have a gate to decorate! You did a beautiful job. I came here from Debbie’s.

    • Susan, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to put a smile on my face. Sometimes, I have to plan a long time before I find just what I want. That’s how the gate and the decorations for it were, too. Thanks again. Helen

  2. What a sweet welcome!

  3. Hi Helen…I think this was a fabulous idea and a wonderful touch to add to your home. Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  4. Would love a garden gate like that but the addition of your fab find. So pretty.

    • Thanks, Annie! I hope you find exactly what you want and need for your home’s gate and decorations. Good to recognize you here.

  5. Very pretty gate– I think you’ve achieved your goal! It looks welcoming and inviting.
    –from Debbie’s newbie party , Pat

  6. Helen, I am loving the nice welcome gate for family and friends. What a great reception for guests. It is such a nice gesture that speaks volume to everyone. I love the idea. You now have me thinking—what unique touch can I add to our home that will greet guests as they arrive. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

    • Lisa, thanks for all the great compliments. I can see a container hanging near your front door. I’ll look at your photos again and email you my thoughts. You are very welcome and I look forward to seeing what you have to work with near your door. Thanks again, Helen

  7. I love your gate and the container that you found. It looks so welcoming.

    • Thanks, Jane! It’s great to see you! The gate was a must have after I found the plan online. And of course it needed something! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Theresa, I’m hoping you show us your gate when it is decorated, too. Thanks for following me and I am now following you, too!
        Helen’s Decor

  8. I love your decorated gate, I just may have to do mine too! :) I am your newest follower, I found you over at Debbie Doos newbie party!

  9. Helen: I love the gate. That planter makes such a warm, fun welcome. Love the flowers in it. Wish I had a wood gate!!!


    • Laurie, I’m glad that you like the planter. I knew I had to have something there after seeing the SL article with photos. Thanks for stopping by.
      Helen’s Decor

  10. Hi Helen! I wish I had a gate to decorate now :) Wonderful and welcoming project!

    • Jill, I’m happy you stopped by and enjoyed my project. Ha! All I did was find the plan and the bucket/container. It really was fun to put together. Thanks.

  11. That is a wonderful idea….and what a lovely greeting for your guests. Thankyou so much for visitin me and I will be back to read more of your lovely blog,
    warm regards Michelle

  12. Hi Helen, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice message. Your new arched garden gate is so pretty!! LOVE it!!
    (P.S.- I almost couldn’t find you. Your comments lead to your profile, but didn’t link to your own blog, just the ones you follow. So I goggled you and found you that way.)

    • Thanks for the compliment and the comment! I’ll check on the link. I appreciate your mentioning it. I’m happy you kept looking.

  13. very pretty Helen.. we’ve had our fence for 5 years now and you’ve inspired me to put up a gate and decorate it..


    • Thanks, Sonny! I’m thrilled to hear that you were inspired to put up a gate and decorate it. You know all of us in blogland will enjoy seeing it! I know it will be beautiful when you finish it as everything you show us is outstandingly beautiful! :)

  14. Very welcoming, Helen! I love the flowers and “planter” you found on the gate, but I really love the shape of it. Thanks for visiting me today! : )

  15. Love this so much..I have a great BACK yard gate that I could decorate.
    I’m over from Debbies…Come by to see me soon..I did the challenge, too, and had a blast.
    xo bj

    • bj, I’m thrilled that you loved this gate decor. I loved the copycat challenge, too. Thanks for stopping by. Loved your tailgate copy, too!

  16. Helen, Great copy cat…and you’ve inspired me. I have two garden gates, neither is arched…and I’ve neglected to accessorize them.

  17. I forgot to mention that I’m following you now…I’m sure you’ll have more inspiration for me!

  18. Helen, I love this project, and I love that you joined in with it. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

    • Debbie, it was fun to be ready except for locating that magazine photo. I’m loving reading all the entries! Thanks for hosting this fun!

  19. Oh Wow! I did enlarge the photos to take a closer look. Your brass box is beautiful! I love what you did with it. Great copycat!

    • Mary, thanks! My box was one I bought to look like the brass one. It’s a faux finished container from Ross for $7.99. I’m following your blog and loved reading it.

  20. Your garden gate looks darling…I think it’s prettier than the one in the magazine :)

  21. Great job Helen! Love the decor!

  22. That is a beautiful garden gate and you did a great job copying the magazine. Love the container you used. Thanks for the visit and follow, I’m following you too.

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  24. I wish I had a beautiful garden gate! I welcome you to share at the Anything Goes linky, if you have not already.

    • Hi Mindie, I hope you do get a gate to enjoy decorating. You know it took me years to realize what decorating a gate would do for our view from the driveway. So glad we had a great contractor to make it happen along with the arched gate plan found on http://www.bhg.com! Thanks for the lovely invitation. See you there soon. Helen

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