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Delightful Santa Claus Train

hwwsctrain1dAre you ready for the big event coming soon? Well, I am and I’m not exactly! Know that feeling well don’t we? That is unless you are able to shop and be ready in November!

Christmas means so many fun things to do and also so much work to do. What I’ve enjoyed most as an adult is to rejoice in the excitement of my son, when he was young, and now his children! Tonight I had a bit of a reminder while shopping at CVS Pharmacy. Yes, right across the street in the same spot year after year is a Santa Claus train complete with Santa and the station …you’ll see all the characters here.


Several years ago two local men decided to build this great Santa Claus train and spent hours each year assembling it and then breaking it down for storage. What a treat for the community to enjoy and what great men to spend time creating a treat each year for the citizens of this mountaintop. It’s citizens like those men, who helped make it a great place to live. And just last week this town was named the number one town in Tennessee to live in. The best town in Tennessee!


Can you imagine the excitement this is for the children and grandchildren, who visit it?




You can easily see how excited the grandmother was by how I ran one direction and then another.


What’s not to love about this annual celebration for the children and the adults, too!




Really, doesn’t this make you want to hop on for a ride with Santa? It doesn’t move, but it surely can make the imagination of the little ones believe they are riding down the track!



Hope you have enjoyed seeing Santa’s train with all the characters and cars!

Thanks for taking the time to see Santa’s train and characters!

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10 Responses to Delightful Santa Claus Train

  1. Helen, how fun! What a great place for the kids to visit during the holidays.Have a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy this special time of the year! Hugs, Maria

    • Maria, thanks for dropping by. I’m hoping the weather clears so that the grands can visit the depot. I loved seeing it up close and out of a car! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. How fun, Helen! I am sure the kids love it! We just got home and rushed to get our decor up tonight. I snapped a quick pic of the mantel and got a post up in record time…lol! Hope you can stop by! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family, my friend! God bless!

    • Hi Shenita, Glad you are safely home. The storms from Texas on over towards the East have been brewing. That’s one reason, that I’m up on patrol in case we have to move to the large walk-in closet downstairs. I’m headed over to see you mantle. Merry Christmas!

  3. Oh what a hit the train will be for kids. Have fun and enjoy the holidays.

  4. Your mantel is beautiful, Helen. Merry Christmas to you and your family!…Christine

    • Christine, Thanks for the lovely compliment, Christine! I noticed you also saw the Santa Claus Train. Thanks for taking the time to visit more than one post! Happy New Year, Helen

  5. Beautiful décor, Helen. I love your federal mirror….Christine

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