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Dinner Time By Helen

Roosters are everywhere this year! I know I was late paying much attention to them. Now, I have to admit, that I have become somewhat fascinated by them. They really do have a natural beauty about them. Also, there seems to be no one without an opinion one way or the other about them…uhh, except for ones like I am! That means simply that they are OK with me. Still I find myself drawn in by their popularity.

Regardless of what it is that attracts many of us, ( who love beautiful dinnerware) we do stop and view them whenever we run upon them. Well, that happened to me in early August, just as I walked through Dillard’s!!! My goodness, my jaw dropped open, when I laid my eyes on this gorgeous table setting of “Certified International’s “French Rooster” dinnerware. I could not help myself…I grabbed my Motorola Droid and started snapping photos. First one angle and then another. Well, a girl or grandmother never knows when she might change her mind. Remember this person has 4 or 5 sets of everyday dinnerware already! I know you rooster lovers will be wanting this set. Yes, I do think the artwork on it is fabulous! I noticed tonight that it can be ordered online, too. Please let me hear how you like it. Remember all photos are clickable to enlarge. I think it is a gorgeous set. And the tablecloth and napkins are by Zina Vasi, and are also named “French Rooster.” Thanks for visiting! Remember, if you are a follower and comment, I’ll follow you, too. Click twice to enlarge for better size viewing.

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17 Responses to Dinner Time By Helen

  1. The dinnerware is charming! I don’t think it’s just the rooster motif – although I love roosters. I think the color palette they used is very attractive.

    • PJ, I totally agree with you! It is not the usual rooster look! The lightness adds a great feel to the entire table view! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Very charming dishes. I really love the canister set with the little roosters as handles.

  3. HI Helen! Oh, I love your post and I love the Roosters! These are precious dishes. I love the softness of color! The canister set is adorable! :) Just something about these yard birds that tug at my tiny heart! Thanks for popping in to see me and I am your newest follower.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Thanks for visiting and following, Shelia. So happy to hear that you find the dishes exciting. And thanks for following me, too. Wish y’all were getting some of the rain we’re getting. :)

  4. I really love the dinnerware, it is adorable!

    • Tina, I’m glad to hear that you like this rooster dinnerware, too. I love the linens,too. I love, love, love the deviled egg tray!!!! Thanks for visiting.

  5. I agree, Helen, this dinnerware is beautiful – the colors make it so unique! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Fran, you’re welcome anytime. I do think it is a unique color combination for the rooster dinnerware. Somewhere between elegant and just so soothing. Thanks for visiting.

  6. I posted here days ago about how pretty your tablescape is..
    Now I dont see it..
    love those colors and of course anything Rooster is a joy to view..


    • Hey Sonny, thanks for mentioning that. I think I must have deleted it by mistake. There was a recent day where the Spam wanted that dinnerware. I really appreciate all your input and your blog is outstanding. Thanks for reminding me. The colors in this pattern are just outstanding.

  7. Helen, It was lovely to meet you at the Kirkland’s shindig in Pensacola yesterday! How I wish we lived close so we could share a cup of coffee or glass of tea and solve world issues together. I think we could do it! LOL Love your site and will visit often and try to glean some decorating wisdom.

    • Pamela, it was a great time. I know we surely would try to solve a lot of issues. Glad you found my site and look forward to hearing from you. I have a feeling that you have much wisdome to share with all of us, too. Looking forward to seeing your blog, too! Thanks for the fun yesterday and now!

  8. Love the rooster dishes. You are correct they are everywhere. I looked around my house and found many more than I thought I had. You colors and pieces are really pretty.
    Come over and look at the roosters I posted recently. “Got Rooster” on August 10th.
    have a grea weekend. Ginger

  9. Hi, Helen. Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my Thanksgiving table dress rehearsal; it brought me to your fun blog! I LOVE roosters! I have several put away right now, but I sure am thinking about letting them out after reading your post! I also love your bargain-hunting spirit; a girl after my own heart! :)

    • Oh me, Zuni! I’m thinking you probably have already pulled out the roosters after posting this. Thanks for the fun mention of me being a “bargain-hunting spirit” and “a girl after my own heart.” Thanks again and please stop by often. :)

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