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Easter Is This Month

We’re visiting Glenda in Texas today and are you in for a treat! Here come the bunnies and chicks! Can you believe that Easter is exactly 4 weeks from today? And can you believe that we have snow on the ground and a few flowers were blooming a few days ago? OK, I know you are drooling over Glenda’s gorgeous leaded glass door with a star of Texas design in the center. It’s a stand out all alone without a decoration, but that sweet floral wreath from HomeGoods lights it up beautifully. Glenda always has decorations for her beautiful wire standing basket to the right of the front door. gmneasterporch2013hww

Notice the antique looking plaque above the standing wire basket. Notice that old-fashioned looking post card, too. A bit of humor as the bunnies appear to have hatched, like chicks! A closer look makes it easier to see some items you might have missed. Thankful, that Glenda zoomed in on that basket.


Looking closer inside the basket, you must see the “bunnies on the run” by Pier1 Imports. They are made of “faux moss” and are often hard to locate in my area. Just took a look at them online and you might be able to get them if you hurry. They look terrific in Glenda’s basket! If you call your location Pier 1 Imports, ask for them by this name, “Natural Bunny Pick”.

Now let’s step inside her beautiful foyer aka “the bowling alley” It is both wide and long flowing from the front to the back of the house into her kitchen. Glenda has an extra dining table with drop leaves for large family meals and it has lots of room to open in that wide space adjacent to the formal dining room seen here recently. Open here to view the formal dining ready for the holiday, too.
Glenda has really been busy getting everything decorated inside and outside her home. Just look how adorable her foyer looks with the bunnies and chicks along their picket fence, too. Chicks and bunnies galore…she’s been very busy getting ready for her family’s celebration inside and outside. Thanks for sharing your home with us, Glenda! And thanks to each of you, who have taken the time to visit today. I value your time and enjoy your comments.


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6 Responses to Easter Is This Month

  1. Glenda’s decorations are so pretty! I love the bunnies on the run!

    • Karen, thanks for the lovely compliments on Glenda’s Easter decorations. Those “bunnies on the run” gave me sleepless nights, when they weren’t available at my Pier 1 Imports. Finally, the next year I found them. That’s the reason, I strongly suggest that anyone who wants them need not wait very long or they’ll be gone until next year! Thanks for visiting my blog, Helen

  2. Thanks, Helen, for featuring our home again in your blog! I really enjoy decorating for the holidays….I have never decorated much for Easter, until this year. I think the grandchildren will enjoy it, so they inspired me. I hope to make a lot of memories for them! Thanks again!

  3. Hi Helen, Glenda’s Easter decor is so pretty and I LOVE that door! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Transformed Tuesday.
    Peggy~PJH Designs

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