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Enjoying Container Plants


Welcome to our backyard! Right away I must remind you that we are not the typical gardens. Our favorite place is back here and long ago we realized that we did not want to spend our leisure time pulling weeds or trimming shrubs as we did for a couple of years or so. The idea of container gardening came from a book on container plants. And you know what, that was the best book to read as it convinced both of us that our leisure time was short! And so it has been for over 20 something years. That day gave us freedom to do the things we loved to do. Like grilling out and swimming. Really, it made our fun time, just that FUN!!! Neither of us has said, “I wish we were pulling weeds.” Ha!


Notice that cutting board and that tape with the price on it! You know what that means…well, I wouldn’t know if I had not seen it before. We were at a huge local nursery shopping for our favorite container plants recently. It was humid and so hot, that I chose to stay in the car and “Darlin’ Darlin'” was gone for ages or so it seemed. (Yes, I did leave the car on…you know I needed that air conditioner! In a little bit, out he came hurrying I thought to get in that cool car. He actually had sneaked in this huge garden hanging container. That’s it in the top photo. And no, no, he didn’t pay that $84.99 for one container. He did pay $20! Yessss! Where on earth could he have found such a deal, when it seemed early in the season to us?


When we realized the beauty of the large flowing basket, it had to be where it could be seen in all it’s angles. We oohed and oohed over how beautiful it was then and are still loving it more all the time.


We have really enjoyed watching it continue to thrive and still we haven’t counted all the variety of flowers in it. Take it from me…life is too short to dread pulling weeds. Container plants work well for us!

Hope you have a great week!

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