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European Topiaries And USA Topiaries




Are you like I am and suddenly have seen topiaries everywhere you have been lately?  Last fall, Bob, our friends, and I toured for 3 weeks in a Skoda station wagon visiting 4 countries  Germany was first then Austria!  By the time we made it to Vienna, I was in love with the European street decor.  Everywhere we went there were lovely faux boxwood topiaries.  I especially liked the ones that were a single sphere shape.

It was so hard for me to believe, that they were not live boxwoods.  I was going along touching them…..don’t take a sip of coffee now…please wait…when I grabbed a boxwood and it was not plastic!!!  Aren’t you glad, that I warned you, so that you didn’t splatter yourself and your monitor?  There I stood in Vienna with torn off leaves in my hand.  I wondered if the topiary police were watching!

Notice the 3 spheres and the ivy topiaries side by side, they’re from Old Time Pottery.  Post which one you think I bought?   Or do you think I bought both?

The large spheres in the shopping cart are from Trees ‘N Trends….they will soon be replacing our fading boston ferns on our front porch.  They are gorgeous!  I love ferns so much, that I hate to see them go.
Shopping at Old Time PotteryImpatiens, Marigolds, and FernsOutside a shop in Vienna, Austria

Bet you noticed that blue looking photo…the fog blew through about the time I snapped it.  I just wanted y’all to see and then imagine how harsh the entrance to our garage would be without the bench and the faux boxwood.  Thanks for stopping by.

This week, I’m adding this post to Kim’s WOW!  If you don’t know Kim yet, you need to visit her great blog now for WOW!!  Enjoy the WOW!  http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/

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34 Responses to European Topiaries And USA Topiaries

  1. I’ve always thought topiaries added so much to the exterior.. I love the large lush green ones best, especially this time of year.

    good to see ya~!


  2. I’d say….you bought both!

    I love topiaries, but the ones I like are so expensive that they stay in the store. I have thought about making them but have no idea when I will get around to it!!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Hey Tina!! Thanks for the great laugh! I’ll wait to reveal that info, when a few others remember to give their thoughts about whether I bought one or both of the topiaries, that are pictured together. They are both beautiful for sure.

  3. Great topiaries!Have a good weekend! Joann

    • Thanks, Joann! And I hope your Nashville trip is great and that means loads of fun and relaxation. I’m wanting to go and ride in that indoor boat. Hope they still have it.

  4. I cannot believe how they look so real! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Bet you can visualize me pulling on them in Germany and Austria to see if they were real. After many, many pulls.there I stood with a stem of leaves in my hand! It was hilarious! So, they do actually have a few real ones. Actually, I think that one was in Prague!!!! 😉

  5. I love topiaries, too! I have two artifical ones flanking my front door. andrea@townandprairie

  6. Topiaries are on of my most favorite form of plants! I have a few that I shape into balls each year and so far they are doing fine.
    I’m so very glad you found my blog….please come back on Tues the 15th for the everything Thanksgiving linky party. I would love for you to join. : )

    • Debra, I love the live ones, I’m just not handy with keeping them in shape. Thanks for you invitation I might be able to join in….it’s a busy week…maybe!

  7. Helen, I love them! They make such a statement!
    I don’t have any faux ones, but I have four real ones on my flower bed on front of the house and they are so hardy! They have made it through freezing temperatures last winter and 110 degree weather this past summer. Love the way yours looks against the beautiful white rooster!

    • Wow! That’s great that they survived all that weather. The one, beside the bench, survived our snow and all the heat. It still looks as new as the day it was “planted”. It doesn’t appear to have faded at all. The one beside the rooster is a pine and maybe a third of the size of the outdoor one. Thanks!

  8. Helen, I have topiaries inside and outside (all shapes and sizes)….I think they just make a room appear more sophisticated for some reason….I am getting two ball topiaries made at Hobby Lobby and hope to have them in my foyer before Thanksgiving…

  9. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely compliments.

  10. Lovely topiary post! I love the look too and think it adds such an inviting look to an entry or front.

    I have a pair of smaller topiary on my mantle that I never grow tired of.

    Nice stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

    • Hi Lorraine, and first of all, I’m happy that you dropped by for a visit. Oh, you sound as “topiary crazy” as I am. Thanks for the lovely compliments about my topiaries. Please drop by often.

  11. Hi Helen! I love those topiaries! I’m so thrilled you liked my Christmas tree.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hi Shelia, somehow, I would have guessed that you would love topiaries, too. I realized your den view was the same tree about the time I clicked. Gorgeous, hope everyone hops over to see it soon. Thanks for dropping by. Helen

  12. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for the recent visit! I love topiaries, and your faux ones near the garage look very realistic. I have some urns that need something right now. I’ll have to be on the lookout for some faux topiaries.

    • Hi Jane, You’re quite welcome! I always enjoy seeing what you and Leo are up to and it’s always fun….even if it is work! Jane, they looked so real in Germany and Austria, that I just had to have at least one. I feel lucky to have locate just one on sale last year about this time. It’s so nice to have something at that spot that doesn’t require watering. I have 2 waiting to go on the front porch….sleet and snow today might kill the ferns…then the topiaries will replace them! (BTW, I was sure that I had replied to you yesterday, but it must have blown off in space! Merry Christmas, Helen

  13. Helen,
    Pleased to meet you! Thanks so much for your visit and kind words. I am posting my Home Tour room by room of my home decorated for Christmas. I do go a bit crazy!
    I love topiaries and I do adore European street decor. So very quaint and charming!!


    • Hi Debbie, thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome and I do hope to tour your home room by room, too. Our “Dream Trip” was loads of fun and for 3 weeks! I have jewelry to post soon. Nothing fancy, but fun just the same! Merry Christmas, Helen

  14. Hi lovely lady.
    I have two Faux Topiaries at my front door for the Christmas Holidays with lights on them. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my Christmas Tablescape.
    I hope you have a great week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  15. Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. I love topiaries too and I actually went to the USA in March this year and saw the most beautiful ones in Palm Desert on the main shopping street down a little side street, they were so beautiful I took some photos of them. I must upload them to my pc.


    • Lee, thanks for visiting today and thanks for mentioning that you were in the USA and found beautiful ones. Sort of like my traveling to Europe to see the better quality, too. Obviously, we both found the best faux and not the usual ones. Thanks for following and visiting. Helen

  16. Oh how I love topiaries. I’ve made several for my home but would love to purchase some of those preserved boxwoods. Thanks so much for sharing this post…..and also for you lovely comments on my foyer garland!
    Marianne :)

    • Oh, Marianne, they are not real. Just faux, but look terrific. The smaller pine one sitting next to the rooster in the post I made a few weeks ago titled, “European Topiaries And USA Topiaries” looks even more real. It also came from Trees N Trends. Love that store! Just noticed that is the post you wrote about. The ones in Europe were faux except for the one that was real and broke off in my hand…to my great surprise!!! We had a big laugh over that…I think I’d love to have seen my face at that moment.

  17. Gorgeous topiaries. I had a real one on the front porch one year, made out of ivy. But for some reason it didn’t last long. After that I went with faux ones. Besides you can trade them out for something else in the spring and bring them back in the fall this way.

    • Hi Pam, glad to see you back visiting. You know I fell in love with the topiaries and love that they require no care. I love growing real ferns in warm weather, but these topiaries are so easy…who knows…they might spend the summer in the pots, too. Thanks again for visiting. Merry Christmas!

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