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Fall Bunco Night

Hi y’all! It’s Bunco Night at Glenda’s home in Texas! When I spoke with her on the phone, she was ready for the neighborhood bunco group to arrive. Just wait until you see the goodies she is serving. Her mantle is ready…her whole house is decorated and you’re going to see a lot of it. She made the burlap topiaries after getting instructions from another blogger. Her flowers look perfect for fall entertaining all the way through November!

Now brace yourself for the goodies you’re about to see! Glenda got really creative with this.

Isn’t this enough to make you hungry, if you were not already?
Over here…the carrots, but wait until you spy what is next.
OK, I cannot hide this any longer….chocolate anyone? Not just chocolate…take a close look at this chocolate delight!
Yes, she’s going to share her recipe for the acorns made from chocolate kisses with us. I promise she will give it to us soon! Let’s move on to the dining room…notice she’s ready for the game.


Let’s snoop around in the family room and see all her fall arrangements. hwwbunco8famround

Notice orange everywhere….love it for fall now…once was my favorite color of all!

Thanks to all of you for visiting and allowing me to share Glenda’s fall decor with you. Thank you, Glenda for letting us see your home! Thanks for emailing the recipe in time to have it posted tonight.

Hershey’s Kisses “Acorns”

You will need:

1 bag Hershey Kisses, 1 bag Nutter Butter Bites cookies & 1 bag
Nestle’s Mini milk chocolate chips.

Melt 1/4 cup chocolate chips in the microwave.
This will be your glue.
Use a knife or spoon to put a small amount of the melted chocolate on one side of the
cookie & immediately attach the Hershey Kiss.
Then just put a small amount of melted chocolate on top of the “acorn” & attach a mini chocolate chip as the stem.
Let cool & enjoy!

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10 Responses to Fall Bunco Night

  1. Your hershey’s acorns are not only beautiful but they sound soooooooo good. Thanks so much for linking to the Holiday Baking Party. Hugs, marty

    • Marty, thanks for the lovely compliments on Glenda’s Chocolate Acorns for her Bunco party in the Houston, Texas area. I would have loved to be there, but I’m several states away. Hope you copied her great recipe for the “acorns”.

  2. Thank you for posting my decorations for Fall Bunko! We all had a great time & ate way too much. Love you, dear friend!

    • Glenda, you’re welcome and more importantly thank you for sharing your neat party with all of us. Thanks for sharing the recipe for those “acorns” just in time for me to add it at the bottom of the post. I’ve got a feeling other chocolate fans will be making them. If they report to me about them, I’ll be sure to share with blogland! (For those who haven’t met Glenda in blogland, we met when our sons were in Kindergarten and since we were all new we found out we lived on the same street. That’s how we became “forever friends”.) Hugs, Helen

  3. Hi Helen! Oh, your friend went all out for y’all! Love her pretty mantel and decor. The food looks so good and the little acorn kisses are so cute.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    • Hey Shelia, Glenda always goes all out for her guests…just I live many states away from her. She lives in Texas…we used to be neighbors. You must tell me how you like the Chocolate Acorns. They really look and sound great. I added the recipe at the bottom of the page, so please go back and copy it if you missed it. Thanks!

  4. I love your fall decor! Your mantle is beautiful and your little acorn kisses look almost too pretty to eat – almost. Thanks for sharing at Throwback Thursday.

    • Hi Alli, Actually, I shared my friend, Glenda’s decor of her Bunco party as stated in the post. Her Chocolate Acorns look and sound yummy, don’t they! You’re welcome and thanks for hosting Throwback Thursday.

  5. Helen, your friend really does Bunco right! Her decorations are so pretty and her cookies and refreshments made my mouth water! We play Bunco in our neighborhood, too! I think I need to raise my hostess skills! :)

    • Kim, so glad you dropped by and enjoyed Glenda’s refreshments. Hope you copied the recipe for her Chocolate Acorns. I didn’t even know Nutter Butter’s came in a small size. Maybe you and I need a hostess skill class!:) Thanks for the visit.

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