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Fall Mantle Or Mantel Decor 2013


Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone! How are y’all surviving the rush for “turkey day” or dare I have asked you? I know how that goes…do you want to cook, stay home, go out, or plain run away for a week or more? Sometimes, you wonder which would be the most simple and enjoyable. Don’t you?

Now, we’re planning fun regardless of where we dine. My biggest struggle to date has been this mantle or mantel as some spell it. Actually, mantle is the most common spelling…yes, I read it recently…don’t recall where. Maybe I simply “googled it” and there it was in black and white as I recall. Back to the struggling…don’t we all strive for balance, flair, or whatever to get it the way we want it. You will notice, that I’m avoiding talking about the hearth. Now that’s where I need help big time. Scale is hard for me to grasp on that raised brick hearth. Do you have that problem, too?

Oh, and get this, I felt there was more needed on the hearth. Thought about Bob’s grandmother’s dough bowl with the gold pinecones that my sister bought for me….she said I needed them and I’m thinking she is right as they appear gold plated. And of course they really aren’t. Wonder what use most people have for the dough bowl they inherited. I enjoy the memory of his grandmother and remembering that she was fun to be with. And on the other hand, I enjoy store bought Sister Schubert’s rolls…how about you?


I usually try to break the mantle down into sections to work on it at closer views. That does seem to help me decide what is my favorite view.


Orange is gorgeous in the fall months and also gorgeous to those whose favorite team wears that bright or deep orange color. A little known fact about me is that my home once had not one, but yes, two bright orange telephones. Nothing to do with a team…just I flipped out over orange in the days that it often was used with “avocado green” and (shudder) “harvest gold”.


You know, I’m thinking the hearth should be space for a crate with a large fern or a great floral arrangement! What do you think? Love the orange birdhouse from Ross Dress For Less! Most other items came from Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx!


Thanks for visiting and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day!

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10 Responses to Fall Mantle Or Mantel Decor 2013

  1. Looks great, Helen! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Looks great……Happy Thanksgiving! Remembering when you were here to share with us a few years ago!

    • Hi Glenda, Thanks for the great memories from that Thanksgiving. It was a great time to celebrate in your new home! We loved being with you and your family.

  3. Beautiful, Helen! And we LOVE Sister Schubert’s rolls, as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. Beautiful mantel of such gorgeous things that you have layered so perfectly!

  5. What a gorgeous mantle! You are truly creative.

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