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Fireplace And Mantle In 1992 And In 2012

Talk about a difference color makes in a room. Let me just say one more time how truly ugly this family room was in 1992! Notice the dark, dark paneling, that absolutely drove me up the wall as we said in those days. Just seeing this photo reminds me of all people said whenever, I mentioned painting the paneling and fireplace. If I ever hear, “you can’t do that to that paneling…it was put up raw and stained.” To that I would quickly say, “Oh, just watch me hire the painters, and then I’ll paint that ugly brick fireplace.” Now you know why this is known as “the ugliest fireplace ever”…that is unless you have one identical and you can fix it easily, too. (Please overlook the wide gap in this post, caused by the sleeve for that old 35mm camera from the ’90s.)
Looking carefully you will notice also, that the Michel Delacroix print, that was hanging above the 1992 mantle is now hanging over the green library table to the left of the fireplace. Notice that the old brass frame is now replaced by the black wooden frame. The last photo shows the updated firescreen, we bought at Tuesday Morning. That brass one was not about to get re-installed after all the effort to update that room.

Seriously, don’t live with a room that you cannot love without attempting to make it an enjoyable space. You can read details of what we went through making the decision to paint our fireplace and mantle ourselves! Remember Bob (my husband) was not easily convinced that paint was the answer. And truly it was the answer to make our family room a joy to live in and entertain our family and guests over the years. Here’s the answer. Thanks for dropping by. I’m linking to these great blogs this week:


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8 Responses to Fireplace And Mantle In 1992 And In 2012

  1. Oh my word- the difference is amazing! Now you’ve got me looking at my fireplace wondering if I need to make a change:)

    • Laura, thanks for the compliment. Hmm, had it ever crossed your mind that you would want to make a change? Actually, I thought a little about painting mine, but someone doubted it would work well. It was meant to be for those 2 ladies to post theirs and for me to see them on the HGTV message board that day. After that I was determined, we could do the same thing. Little cost and 7 hours spread over 3 days. Not bad! Thanks for visiting, Helen

  2. Helen, That is an amazing transformation! It looks amazing!

    • Oh, Tammy! Thanks, it felt amazing to get the look we wanted. Bob likes room best of all to watch TV…might be that large screen TV though. It really was a dreary room before the paint got on it. Thanks for visiting, Helen

  3. Lovely, it’s always so nice to have something fresh and beautiful to look at. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. I definitely want to make a change. All the woodwork in our 13 year old home is natural. That is why HH wanted to buy this particular house. It is a cape cod and I want the mantle and woodwork white so bad and he does not. Maybe I can just paint it and he will never know. Your post gives me hope. WooHoo. I am over from Kathe’s

    • Hi QMM, I hope you had time to read the link in my post to how I convinced my husband that we could do this and not destroy the value. Please feel free to share that Bob now enjoys that room more than before…and so do I. Remember, it took 18 years and I would not give up. Actually, the day the ladies posted their makeovers of their fireplaces was a turning point. I found that showing Bob their before and after photos was the turning point. And no way, would I have wanted to just grab a brush and paint without a detailed plan on how to do it. I would not ruin it with the same color all the way down. That’s one reason for doing the first layer and then going only on the brick with the top color. The grout is set off and makes the appearance of brick one color and grout another. Hope you have a happy painting experience soon. Hope you visit HD soon to ask them about the right paint for brick…with your husband hearing all of it. That really helped my plan! :)

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