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Gorgeous Antiques Anyone

Yesterday, I had a terrific time visiting this great antique shop in a newby small town. And that’s just about the name of the shop really. It’s a lovely shop named Small Town Antique Mall. There’s always something there to catch anyone’s attention for sure.

I’m sure some of you likely think I buy something every week, when I take off to shop. No, I really don’t buy on the spot. Usually, if it’s unique and something that I’m really not so sure it’s right for my home’s style, I simply walk away knowing if I cannot sleep, I have a trip to take to buy it. Yes, even risking, that the item might be gone!

Take a really close look at this Flow Blue wash basin and pitcher. From what I’ve read, this is a terrific price, but I’m not one who knows what the size of it actually is compared to one, that’s about double or more the price you will see below. Recently, blue attracts my attention and this large set really did draw me over to take a closeup look. Ebay had a similar basin and pitcher today and the price was much higher than the one shown. There’s a photo of the price tag for this one below. Yes, you can glance down and see that one! :)


This beautiful blue Dresden soup tureen does not really need any words added. It really speaks for itself. There were pieces of the same pattern in other pieces. Beautiful!!!


Maybe there’s some sentimentality of the days long ago, when my parents shopped for antiques and also owned an antique shop. Yes, we had cabinets of dishes too pretty to use. It doesn’t make sense to me now either. Mother canned a lot and there were “Ball” jars in our home…not blue though. If you are a fan of blue, these are for you. Today, I would enjoy using them for flowers down the center of the breakfast room table.


Surely, there’s someone reading, who has wanted to locate a hutch/cabinet for their home or covered porch. I thought of you when this one stood out in front of me at Small Town Antique Mall. A special feature is the size is perfect for a small space. Love the drawers and of course the display shelves on top.


And now, you can take in that reasonable price tag below. Tell me, would you have expected to find Flow Blue at this price?
The tag was hanging such that it was necessary to turn the iPad at an angle to snap the photo.


Hope you have a great week!

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