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Gorgeous Two Way Fireplace And Mantel

Don’t you just love arriving at your hotel and entering a beautiful lobby? You know the kind I mean, one with a large welcome area and adorned with lovely furnishings! Especially great in the colder months to arrive to a warm fire

I must tell y’all that three of our trips over the past 9 months have been in the lovely appointed Hilton Garden Inn hotels. When you arrive to a warm welcome by the staff and then enjoy visiting with friends and family in the lobby…it just feels grand. Other Hilton hotels that we enjoy are the newer Hampton Inns and Suites along with the Embassy Suites. As you view the photos, remember it was a sunny day and I was using my camera on my cell. I just have a feeling that one of you or more, might be planning to build a two way fireplace. You will notice the identical compartments on each side of the fireplace. Yet above the mantel on one side is a mirror and on the reverse side is a TV (sigh..of course a TV). As you look notice what is on each side and how different the identical sides appear with different items.

I’ve included some of the sitting area and you’ll see that the sofa table has some rather unique selections on it. Love the silver sunburst on the stand. Notice the silver vase and the chest on the table. It’s plush and again welcoming to all. Remember the mantel is also correctly spelled mantle. Both ways are correct. Stay a while and take in all the great spaces!

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10 Responses to Gorgeous Two Way Fireplace And Mantel

  1. What a wonderful mantel, mantle :) I love the shelving, it would be fun to style! Sounds like you had a great stay!

    • Debbie, I loved the shelves, too. And actually the TV on one side entertained those watching a sport or whatever. The other side was great for those not wanting the TV. I’d love just one side in my home. Thanks!

  2. Hi Helen, Just stopped by to say thank you for visiting my blog and for following along. I am now following you. I’m having fun looking around your blog.

  3. Hi Helen, What a great fireplace. I would love to have a two way in my home. They are just so cozy. Looks like you have a great time!
    Marianne :)

  4. Hi Helen,
    That two way fireplace looks interesting. I love to stay in nice hotels that are beautifully decorated. I read your post about rewiring lamps. I have never attempted to do that, but I have a lamp that needs rewiring. Now that you mentioned that a house fire was started by a lamp, I think I’ll just unplug it until it gets rewired!

  5. Hi Helen. Just stopping by to thank you for your nice comment about my bloggy facelift and for becoming a follower “friend”. I love your PB Bust. I saw it too in the recent catalog and thought about where I could put her. She’s definately and beauty! I love your blog too and am your newest follower. Have a fantastic day!

    • Hi Sheila, Thanks for dropping by and becoming a follower. Sounds like you know why I used that gift card for the PB Bust. So glad to get to know you. Helen

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