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Helen’s Favorite Wreaths for Mantle or Doors

Finally, it is almost spring again!  Personally, after the winter that we have had, I cannot wait.   Just this weekend I noticed tiny leaves opening on some of our larger trees and also on some small bushes in our woods!  I feel like celebrating the season “big time” this year after way too many snowy days!  Cabin fever be gone…I had to go shopping for spring!  Here’s what I found at Kirkland’s that just had to come home with me.  The 20″ diameter zinnia wreath was a great buy all around as it was reduced from the tag price of $29.99 to $19.99.  The colors in this one are outstandingly beautiful.  I promise that I really tried to talk myself out of another wreath to have to store!  Yeah, I did that for maybe 10 minutes as I continued to circle back around and sigh over it.  I really, really had to have it!  The featured style is second to none.  I don’t know when I’ve ever seen such a deal on a wreath for spring or any other season.   OK, if you must and I know some of you always do have to embellish the beauty, but I truly don’t know how you can manage that with this one.  Post a note to me here if you have an idea to share about adding more glam to this one.   SKU# 098502 is recommended for indoor or protected outdoor usage.  The spring mixture includes orange and fuchsia zinnias, green hydrangea blooms, green leaves, and berries!

I did walk away from the spring white wreath aka “Hydrangea and Grape” 20″ wreath.  I still cannot totally get it off my mind.  It’s just that I don’t usually have much white in my home.  It’s also another great buy at $19.99.  I can see that I might be able to add a few purple blooms to make it the perfect gift for a special someone for her birthday.  SKU# 098320 is best for indoor usage, too.  I might would hang it on our screened porch in the most protected side of it.

That photos of each wreath are from my Motorola Droid and were taken in the Kirkland’s Home store at Hamilton Crossing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The display of the zinnia wreath laying upon the colorful cup and saucer planter was superb and really great merchandising on that store’s part.  It might tempt you to buy both as it did tempt me.

Remember, the forsythia wreath is back again this year and just as lovely as last year.  I’ve really enjoyed the 24″ one, that I bought and placed on the inside of our front door.  Living in the woods limits what can be on the exterior of the doors.  SKU# 097360 is also $19.99.

Each of these 3 wreaths are made upon a twig base, which adds body without being bulky.  They are each beautiful and will create a great celebration of the spring season.  Beautiful gifts for the hostess or a special friend needing a surprise gift of cheer.  You can see some other popular types of decorating wreaths by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Helen..nice to meet you. Hope you join my newbie party this evening. You asked where I found our stained glass. We found that here at a local antique shop. It is from a church in upstate NY.

    • Debbie, thanks so very much for stopping by. I don’t have to tell you that your stained glass light took my breath away! I really love it, and I’m sure you hear that quite often. Thanks for the newbie party invitation.

  2. I love those wreaths and I came over from Debbie’s newbie party. I became a new follower and looking forward to reading more. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thanks for joining the party. Please just add my link so that others know about the party too.

  4. Beautiful wreaths, thanks for sharing! I found you at Debbiedoo’s and am now a follower.


  5. Hi Helen, I saw your link on Debbie’s Newbie Party. I’m a newbie, too, and I have a link there for a pie recipe. When I came to your site, I saw that you are on WordPress and we have the same theme for our blogs. There are not many of us on WordPress and boy, do I have a lot of questions for you. How did you get some color on Google Friend Connect? And how did you change the color and font? My step-son got me started and I don’t want to bother him too much with all my questions. Please come visit my blog. Jane

  6. The wreath you purchased is beautiful. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Kirklands. Guess it’s time to make a trip!
    Thanks for your comment and I am happily following you too!

    • Hi Honey! I’m thrilled you are excited about the Kirkland’s wreaths. I’ll be visiting your site soon. Thanks! Helen of Helen’s Decor

  7. lovely pictures!! I thought spring was coming last week, but today, IT’S SNOWING!!! ugh.
    I’m your newest follower!!

  8. I LOVE kirklands!! The wreaths and bowl look lovely together. I know what you mean about wanting to celebrate spring. This winter was a rough one. Blessings <3 Paula

    • Oh, Paula, another Kirkland’s fan! I’m so glad spring has finally arrived. Celebrate with a little retail therapy! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Helen, the wreaths are so pretty! And great buys!

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I love Debbie’s Newbie party to find new blogs. :) I’m following now.

    Have a great day.

  10. hiya visiting from debbis newbie party x gorgeous wreaths x tfs hope to see youat mine soon x

  11. Love you wreath I would have bought it too. The colors are so beautiful :)

    I wish we had a Kirklands here but we don’t. I see so many wonderful things that people find there and I don’t have one.

    Found you from debbiedoos. Hope you have a beautiful Spring day!

    • Thanks, R! Check on the Kirkland’s website for a store near you. There are many new stores that have recently opened outside the malls. Good luck and happy spring!

  12. These are stunning! Truly beautiful!

    Stopping by via Debbiedoos Blog. I love love love the idea of a newbie blog hop, so fantastic.

    I wanted to make sure to come and give you a very warm welcome to the blogsphere and let you know we are having lots of fun over on my blog and you are invited!

    There are so many FUN things happening over on Dandelion Wishes!!!
    We are …..
    *Taking Back Monday, one Etsy giveaway at a time. Come enter to win something awesome EVERY Monday!
    *Airing our dirty little secrets with Friday Confessional. Confess, link up, feel better…I promise!
    *Keeping it positive every weekend with My Happy List. What’s on YOUR Happy List this week? Post and link up…its a party y’all!
    *Every month we give a prompt for a VLOG..yep, turn the volume up, we are talking video posts people!
    *And there are crownings happening for Queen for the Day…finally, the royal recognition you deserve.

    See something for everyone…come say hello!

  13. How pretty!! I just found your blog through Debbie’s linky party, I am now your newest follower. Come check me out if you get a chance.


  14. Thanks for joining me Helen! Have fun.

  15. The wreath is lovely, what great colors! Make your day in a second, right? :)
    I am visiting form Debbie’s party and am your newest follower! Have a happy Tuesday!

  16. Hi Helen…thanks for visiting my blog. I am a zinnia lover and think your wreath is perfect! If you don’t mind I was wondering if you have Disqus installed on your blog? I noticed your comment section…I had it installed on my blog and am having a bit of trouble getting used to it. I have found that some comments don’t have a link back to the blogger. Hope your week is going well…~Ann

    • You’re very welcome, Ann! I hope the email that I sent helped. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions that I might answer. I’m new at this too, so that is a laugh. Good luck! I enjoy your blog!

  17. oh so rich colors,, beautiful,,

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