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Helen’s Shopping At Trees N Trends And TJ Maxx

Thanks for stopping by to see what all the excitement is about. Well, I can tell from blogging a while, that most of you love a deal, whenever you go shopping. A few weeks ago, I was shopping at TJ Maxx and came upon a tall cart that the employees had piled a few reduced items on. There my eyes fell upon this beautiful, heavy and perfect….not…flower pot! It had already been reduced to $4.00 and for a pot with such lovely design and a fabulous paint job..I wanted it! Yeah, just so happened that a lovely lady was nearby with an official look aka manager. I showed her the great pot and asked if it could be reduced more…yeah, due to that chip! Of course $4.00 was reasonable for me, knowing full well that I would merely arrange it where that chip would not show at all. The nice lady gave me her name and said to have them call her when I was at the checkout. As you can see, she dropped it another dollar, all because I asked about it. Why not ask anytime, right? I do love it and knew then that I did, but had no clue what would go into it. This week I found that item.

Bob and I had gone to a nearby town that has a Trees N Trends store in it. I asked if he would drop me off there while he went down the road to purchase a pool cover….winter is on the way!

While he shopped the needed item….I shopped for what I have been wanting since last fall, when we were in Europe for 3 weeks! Topiaries in the ball shape…and I found them in many sizes at Trees N Trends. Even better …they were marked 50% off!!! I was estatic to say the least! They were just the size, that we needed for our front porch pots. They were everywhere we went in Germany and Austria and looked so real. These look great and so does the small one 8″ pine ball, that is going into that chipped pot. The small one is shown in the pot and also hanging from Mr. Rooster’s neck with the price tag! I am one thrilled shopper and I’m loving Trends N Trends and TJ Maxx more than ever.

Hope you enjoyed the mixture of black and the mercury glass decor on the end of the aisle. Notice the black Christmas tree. Don’t ya just love it!

Oh, did you notice the flowers in the cart? Yeah, there the ones I have planned (if lucky) to place in the bag that is being given away by another blogger! They are Irish Bells! Fingers crossed! Stay tuned!

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  1. Linda@Coastal Charm

    Oh my…these are two of my favorite stores…great finds!!! Come by and share it all with us at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY PARTY.


  2. Helen,
    you really scored on those buys. I’ll have to look and see if theres one anywhere near me. Much as I love the other finds , that ROO is my fav.. whay to go girlie~!!! happy for you.

  3. Deals are sweet! I LOVE THE WHITE CHICKEN! Anything chicken, anything at all. And, paired with your new pot, she looks right at home. andrea@townandprairie

    • Thanks, Andrea! The rooster came from TJ Maxx. See my other rooster posts for more rooster info and prices are there for some of the many rooster items.

  4. I’m your newest ‘follower’…TJ Maxx and I are needing a date soon…after seeing your fun take! Come by and say hi soon, kay.

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing.blogspot.com

    • Hi Kay! I was just there and love your mantle ideas! I’m thinking I need a seasonal banner, too. Hope you visit my mantle/mantel posts when you have time!
      You know I would not have left that gorgeous, chipped pot had it stayed $4. It had my name on it!


  5. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for stopping by the Cottage at the Crossroads and entering our giveaway. I’ve been reading some of your previous posts to catch up with you. I’m loving your rooster additions. I’ve been looking at that black and white rooster rug at Walmart and since it looks so good in your kitchen, I’m just going to have to have it myself. You got a steal on that chipped pot.

  6. Hi Helen…I would love to go shopping with you. I love TJ Maxx, and do not get there often enough. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Debbie, that might be dangerous…us in the same store oohing and ahhing over the same items. Who found it first? Sounds like fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Helen! Awesome bargains! I love a good deal :). We don’t have Trees N Trends here but we have TJ Maxx and I love that place!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some sweet comments! I can tell you and I have a similar love for mantels :). I’m joining your blog!! So glad you found me.

    • Emily, you’re welcome and thanks also for following mine. Maybe you will be able to locate a Trees N Trends near your home by going to their website. It is definitely worth a drive…within reason! :)

  8. Thanks for visiting me. I love the large white rooster and your pot with the topiary looks amazing. Great deal.

    • Thanks, Vikki! BTW, I mainly set the topiary there for everyone to see the size of it compared to the large rooster (from TJ Maxx). That small topiary is 8″ in diameter.

  9. Love the Rooster and the topiary. I haven’t been to TJ Maxx in a while, I guess it is time for me to stop in to see what I can find!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Tina, glad you like the topiary and the rooster. I bought the rooster a few weeks/months ago. I agree…it must be time to go see what TJ Maxx has awaiting you. :)
      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I’ve awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because you’re so inspiring! Go check out the details at 52mantels.com. :)

    • Emily, I’m almost speechless, but we both know that no blogger is ever speechless…don’t we? What a terrific honor and surprise all rolled into one. You know how I found you…I saw “52 mantels” and knew we would be friends. The more I read…the more alike we just might be. Thanks so very much, I very much appreciate this recognition from you. Hope all my followers and friends will visit your blog to see for themselves how great and fun it is. Here’s the link to Emily’s:52mantels.com.

  11. Helen, thanks for stopping by my site and leaving your sweet comments on all of my finds! I see you did some shopping of your own! What great deals you scored! I’m sure your pots look amazing! And that rooster…too cute! Have a great week!

  12. Hi Helen! These are SUPER deals! Thank you so much for sharing! Nice to “meet” you in blog land! Have a great Monday! ~Beth

  13. I had never heard of Trees and Trends before and got all excited, but it looks like they aren’t in my area. Glad you got some great deals though. I love the clearance areas at TJ Maxx.

    • Pam, Trees N Trends are wonderful. There surely were great deals that day and the next week those topiaries were not reduced as much. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Thank you, Doyle.

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