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hgoodsmisc2013-02-15hgoodsbikes12013-02-15Many of you have loved Home Goods for a long time and I’ve heard from a few of you, who haven’t yet had the joy of shopping in this gorgeous decor store. Please, go to their website and take a look at their store locations and see how close you are to a nearby location. I mean really, our local store was probably open a YEAR, before someone mentioned it to me as one of their favorite shops for home decor. What a “duh moment” that really was for me. You know me or if you don’t, I’m still confessing that I really thought it was a fabric store!!!! One year of bliss I missed! Please let me know if you found one nearby, after checking that list on the website. I’m betting several of you are like I was…very unaware of what it was…having passed it up for nearby decor stores that cannot provide the gorgeous arrangements that Home Goods continues to have every time you go there. Love the vision that the company has and their attention to detail when the displays are arranged. Does that also help you as it does me? It helps my brain wrap around just what spot in my home or a friend’s home something is “PERFECT” for.

The last photo is positioned today for a very good reason…it reminds me of my family of bike riders and what joy they have together. I love that they have taken time to ride together exercising and sharing fun hours together. And it also reminds me that I’m needing to get a new bike, too. How about you? Spring is so great for that activity and it’s not long now.

Hats off to the Home Goods located in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Hamilton Crossing! If you are traveling on I-75, you need to take the Shallowford Road exit. Also, it’s the same exit as Hamilton Place Mall. Home Goods your store is awesome and your staff is tops! Thanks for being great!

Thanks for visiting and following my blog…Helen

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  1. I haven’t heard of the store, but it does look like they have a lot of nice items.

    • Rosey, if I were you, I’d go to their HomeGoods site on FB and inquire about locations. Also, you can look up their stores on ther website. You might be surprised to find one nearby. Hope so. BTW, it is correctly spelled with the 2 words run together. Hope this helps.

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