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Home Goods Painted My Day Red

hgoodsred1-2013-02-15What is happening to me…maybe it is happening to you, too! In the past 2 or more months, I’ve been falling in love with red all over again. Y’all know how we all loved red as a kid and then we seemed to branch out to enjoy other colors. Is this my old age thing coming on? We do have that new red sofa in the family room and wow…we’re both loving the color with our “Pineapple Citrus” colored paneling. See the sofa that Glenda says is “tomato red” and she cheered me on to buy it.

Years ago, I accidentally..there’s that word again…started collecting all kinds of heart shaped items. By accident, I collected many hat boxes, jewelry, basically anything heart shaped. Is that love of hearts returning or have you heard?

hgoodsred2-2013-02-15Yes, red is not just for Christmas and Valentine’s Day…it’s here for year round enjoyment. Are you tempted to exchange your old leather sofa for a red leather or red fabric sofa, too? Home Goods really had loads of red dishware. And there I found myself roaming the store for what else was showing in RED!


And that was when my eyes dropped onto this beautiful, but not red, serving set! The design is lovely and unique.


Found these lobster plaques over near other art styles and just almost had to bring one home! My mind caught on that roosters and lobsters might not work well in the same kitchen. That said, there’s always a chance one might work well on our back screened in porch.

Just have many more terrific finds from Home Goods! Check back soon for more neat finds. It’s obvious that Home Goods has a staff of great buyers or it would not be the beautiful chain, that it is. It is very well maintained and the staff is doing a super job with their displays. If you haven’t discovered the joy of shopping there, I highly recommend that you find the nearest one. It’s a feel good experience to leave feeling you were a welcome guest, who they have prepared to impress. And yes, again, I loved spending time there.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog…Helen

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14 Responses to Home Goods Painted My Day Red

  1. Oh, gosh, Helen, I find myself accidentally starting collections all the time! And Home Goods certainly doesn’t help! I find things there all the time that I never knew I “needed.” :)

    • Sheila, are we crazy or what? My sister taught me this one sentence that has changed my feelings about starting another collection…”sometimes a want becomes a need.” She helped me justify more than one purchase with that sentence! :) Great to see you. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Oh my, so much pretty red. Hugs, Marty

    • Marty, I thought you’d love that red. I’m thinking of decorating my home with all red and green…a variety of shades of each. Then everything fits in well at Christmastime. Thanks for dropping by. Helen

  3. I LOVE red! These are great things! I love Home Goods!!

  4. Red is my mom’s all-time favorite color. :)

    • Rosey, I think it was one of my many favorite colors when I was a child. I’m really loving it..hope that doesn’t mean I’m in my 2nd childhood already. Thanks!

  5. Hi Helen, I’m like you and see things all the time and want to start a new collection! I’m so afraid of being one of those hoarders! lol I love red also but don’t have much in my home right now. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at Transformed Tuesday.

    • Hi Peggy, I’m loving the idea of red and green year round. Thinking it would be easy to blend Christmas red and green with it. Not happening soon, but might eventually. Thanks for visiting and also for hosting the parties. Hugs, Helen

    • Oh Peggy, I buy enough, but couldn’t dream of storing all the gorgeous things there are out there to tempt us with. My husband might roll his eyes whenever I find more stuff. Shopping is my thing and golf is his fun! Lamps are one of my biggies! Love them.
      Thanks for having the parties. Helen

  6. Oh, red is such a bold and beautiful color as the main event or as an accent! Thanks so much for sharing. I love Home Goods, too.

    • Patti, you are exactly right about red being “bold and beautiful” and I share your love of it as well. Home Goods rocks! Love it!
      Thanks for hosting the party every week. Hugs, Helen

  7. You can never have too much red! Love it! And are you from Maine? The lobsters caught my eye, too. I’m a Maine native. :)

    • Crystal, I agree with you on the red…love it more all the time. No, I’m a native Texan, now in Tennessee. I do enjoy lobster and most seafood, too. Glad you dropped by and hope you visit again. Thanks, Helen

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